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Monday, November 22, 2010

**3 French Hens HoLiDay Show** Just FaB ChiPPy!-SHaBBy! SaLes!!!

Best-Ever fun filled weekend!!!  Not knowing what to expect, I headed out early Friday Morning for a 3 hour plus drive to set-up at the  "3 French Hens HoLIDay Market" in Morris, Illinois...  Monica & Traci hosted this Show in a vacant "Aldi"s" Grocery Store Building - Just FaB Location!!!  These Ladies definitely know what they're doing - visually Pre-view night drew quite the crowd and Saturday's traffic was a constant flow till about 4:30...  The Show was well worth my travel time/expenses...  AND I met the nicest vendors!!!  Enjoy Part ONE of TWO of the show pics...

Inside the front door the ladies adorned the walls/ceiling with burlap, chandelier, & framed chalkboard...

I'm still amazed how much I can pack in my smaller vehicle!!! ~ My tables and props take up a good amount of space...

I just loved the Industrial Gage - Sold right away...

Almost ALL the ViNtaGe Pink Christmas SOLD right away!!!

 The Beautiful Vintage Gilt-Gold Wall Sconce with Angel/Prisms also SOLD...

I adorned the Cupola with large round lights and holiday boxwood branches... Was sad to see this GREAT VINTAGE PIECE Sell!!!  ~ I just knew it would look FaBuLouS on a table at the end of a hallway with perhaps a mirror behind it...

The wooden file box also sold...

This was "The~BeSt" Crusty... Rusty... Birdcage!*!*!  I adorned it with a bit of whimsy - feather bird, greens, lights, pearls, & bling ornament...  SOLD!!!

The Tree Stand Sold Right Away!!!

My ChiPPy!-SHaBBy! Booth was in a Great Location ~ second space from the front door!!!  ~ Thank YOU Traci & Monica!!!

Do check back for PART-TWO in the next day or so...


  1. Congratulations on such a wonderful show! Looks like one I would have loved to be at....Great pics, can't wait to see more!
    Cathy aka GGJ

  2. what wonderful little treasures you have!
    I stumbled across your blog for the first time today and what a treat it's been :)
    Following you now!!


  3. wonderful for you my friend! Looks like things are moving forward and opportunities are presenting themselves. good things come to hard workers!

  4. ohmygosh, Jeanine, I love Everything. You always have such wonderful displays at your shows. I'm inspired each time I come to visit!!!

  5. I knew the pink would sell! The displays are genius cause you are.

  6. Oh Jeanine - it all looks so dreamy! Congrats on another great show.


  7. Love your blog!! Everthing looks beautiful...I, too, live three hours away and was thinking about the possibility of adding this show to my schedule for next year. It sounds like you had great success! I think I will be contacting them for next year! Where did you stay on Friday night?? Any other details you could share to help make my decision?

    thanks ~

  8. Your booth looked gorgeous! Loved all the green & white!
    How fun - wish I was close enough to visit one of your sales! Maybe one of these days... ;-)
    Happy Thanksgiving!!

  9. Great stuff! Glad to hear you had a good show!

  10. Congrats to you...everything looked amazing and i especially enjoyed the vintage PINK!

  11. Everything is displayed wonderfully!!! Glad you had a great day!

  12. AWESOME! So glad you had a great show! Everything looked sooo cute! Hope the weather was better for loading and unloading this time and hope to see you soon!~ Have a wonderful Thanksgiving~ Carrie

  13. Man! I so would have bought every one of those items that sold...such great stuff!!!
    Sorry I missed that sale!
    Good for you Jeanne!
    Tammy :-)

  14. I saw those pink vintage bottle brush pieces... alas, they were sold by the time I wandered by. You do have amazing displays!

  15. Loved your booth, I was down the isle from you . My friend bought your angel sconce.I am new to your blog. I had no idea you were from Cedarburg. My husband and I used to go to Firemans park 20 years ago shopping for great treasures.Hope to get back there sometime.


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