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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

**A Hint of Bling** In a ChiPPy!-SHaBBy! Vignette!*!*!

With WINTER SNOWFLAKES "just around the corner"... ~ I've been very busy "trying" to organize our garage with all my shabbies...  I always stress-out over this because we need to get Both-Our-Cars - IN!!!  It's harder than ever this year because I will continue doing "SHOWS" during the Winter Months and need to access this and that.... Lots of decision making...  

I came across these items items while organizing the GaRaGe...  and now it's a vignette in our guest bedroom...

Here's a view of our home from the backyard woods...   The leaves are down and everything has turned hues of browns & golds...  Looking out at this makes "organizing-the-garage" just a little bit easier... 

Enlarge this One!!!
YES, while working in the GaRaGe the other day, "13 Turkey Birds" invaded our YaRd!*!*! ~ OMG!!!

Off to the Red Rooster's SaLe this Afternoon...


  1. I love the photo of your house! I have to redo our garage too. My junk is in the way. The attic is full. I have all my Christmas up there so I have to move everthing to get to it.Good thing my husband made a staircase to the attic.

  2. Love that photo of the back of your home! It look beatuiful there!

  3. The image of the back of your house is a postcard...really it is so serene and inviting...a header possibly...I love it! ♥O

  4. ~*~*Love how your house and yard look! :)Rachel~*~*

  5. Your house looks lovely. And good luck with cleaning out the garage to get cars in. I can't get one car in my one car garage because of all my flea market treasures and finds.
    I really like seeing the turkeys.

    also the bling is lovely

  6. My goodness, your home is gorgeous!


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