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Thursday, March 4, 2010

ViNtaGe Easter... ***ThiNk SpRiNg***

With just about 16 days till the First day of Spring,  I'm feeling a bit hopeful, even though we're still up to our "you-know-what" in snow, here in Wisconsin...   -After all it is melting!!!  Yesterday, I actually saw a fly buzzing in the window... and the magnolia tree, being in a well sheltered area,  actually had fuzzy buds sprouting against it's snowy backdrop...  The sun yesterday was the strongest it's been since last year...  However - I'm just not satisfied till I see the garden hoses being pulled out!!!   

Time to "Freshen-Up" my Seasonal Entry Vignette with ViNtaGe EASTER!*!*!

An Easter Vignette from a few years ago...  I LoVe the Vintage Paper Mache Bunnies!*!*!

This was also from a few years ago...  I've got my boxes out of storage ~ let the fun begin in the next few days ~ for this year's vignette...


  1. Girl, you've got some awesome vintage Easter, one of my fav times of the year!!

  2. Love the Easter vignettes......especially the forsythia in it! Thanks for sharing!

  3. At 45 degrees here in Iowa yesterday, I was out painting a piece of furniture in the sun...you remember the sun, right...well, I have never done this before while surrounded by snow drifts in my driveway...it's slowly melting...did I say SLOWLY!!!

    The piece turned out wonderful BTW!

  4. Love the Easter display! And the totally awesome Midwest reference to garden hoses coming out! Gotta live here to understand!! You're coming to Kane, right? Be sure to come see us. Thanks for posting about the Expo show, btw. xo


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