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Thursday, March 11, 2010

ANTHROPOLOGIE ~ Light Fixtures!*!*!

MORE on this past weekend!!! Stopped at ANTHROPOLOGIE in Geneva, Illinois...  Their windows were soooo inviting ~ fresh & spring-like...  I really think Anthro is hurting in this economy ~ especially with some of their Over-The-Top Prices...  This larger store was very sparsely stocked...  Only 3 Sales People on the floor - and that included the dressing room assistant...   I was lucky enough to snap a few pics in the store... 

Inviting Store Display...  Bicycle Wheels & Spring Flowers...  ~ Look closer - see the pile of SNOW in front of the window????

Using my "girl-friend" Anthro Gift Card ~ I netted these AwEsoMe Candle Holders in the Bargain Sale Area!*!*!  ~ I LoVe them...

I found this AwEsoMe ViNtaGe Tray at Kane County this past weekend...  It's a Keeper!!! ~ Perfect combo for the candle holders...

Funky Hanging Light Fixture...  Made of clothesline rope...  Decoratively knotted... Sprayed with white paint...  Single standard light blub inserted.... - LoVe It!!!

The BeSt Dressing Room!*!*!  Love the Chandeliers and how they write your name on each door... I tried on a pair of jeans - OMG!*!*! Best fit ever - $168.  I came to my senses...   Thanks goodness I made it out of store without them!  I'll wait till they go on SaLe or hit the  THRIFT STORE...

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  1. We stopped in there too, to see the flowers int he window. I had read on another blog that they are made with plastic sodea bottles cut up and fluffed to look like a flower and then painted...they were VERY cool. $168- if I wore jeans DAILY it would be ok- and if they made me look TINY. Otherwise, I'm with you :)


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