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Sunday, March 14, 2010

AnTiQuE Saturday!!! ~ Grayslake Flea Market- IL

Rain-Rain- go away!!!  It was such a gloomy Saturday...  ~ Off to an indoor FLEA MARKET - Grayslake, Illinois...    Since I wasn't sooooo CraZeD to buy after last weekend, I went with my family... The 3 of us stopped and had a delicious breakfast before hand - @ WILDBERRY...  The overall shopping experience - I did indeed come home with GREAT STUFF!*!*!  Atmosphere - I still "miss the Old Grayslake Fairgrounds"...  Junk looks sooooo much better in Old Buildings!*!*!  Once again, Thank You Dealers for ALL that you do - especially 2 weekends in a row!*!*!

Here I am with Sandy of RHUBARB REIGN... ~ She looked "just gorgeous" - how does she do it!?!?!  I wanted to buy the Fab Necklace she had on!!! YES - I came away from her booth with some special finds...  When I came back for my items, the booth was a maze of RED SOLD TAGS!!! ~ Way to go Sandy!!!

Just GoRgEouS ~ Vintage Chandelier with porcelain roses...
I think that little table has a darling "Anthro" Knob on it!!!

I would have snatched this light fixture up if it were ChiPPy!!!

Mariann's Booth looked "The BeSt Ever"!!!
GoRgeOuS Shell Mirror...

Mariann will be headed to TEXAS, for the Warrenton Show, right after this weekend's Flea Market!!!  That girl is ALWAYS on-the-go!*!*!   Always a joy to see her!!!  She's doing what she LoVes!!!

Funky Bird on branch...  Sorry I forgot to grab this in Mariann's Booth...  

Spring-Time theme in Diane's Booth with ALL her little fussies!!!

It's all in the details...  Diane does such an incredible job creating her displays...

PeRfEcT for a Spring Vignette ~ Diane's Booth...

Look at that Darling Chippy Garden Table with the SOLD SIGN!!!
Check out Joan's Blog ~ AnyThing Goes Here...  Joan is so creative...  **She goes ALL OUT with her Booth Displays**

Joan out did herself with ALL her special "Easter Creations"!*!*!

A "hint of Paris" theme in Janice's Booth...

I've bought many an item in Barb's Booth over the years...
  A few are Still "Keepers"!*!*!
Her husband is a sweetheart ~ helps her out most of the time...
Expensive "BliNg" ~ I don't know how that dealer came up with the dollar figure that was on it!!!

I found some lovely ViNtaGe Millinery in Georgeann's Booth...  ~ She has such a nice selection of vintage linens along with other shabby finds...

These "ChiPPy LeGs" remind me of "Warrenton"!!!
I remember a booth along the highway that had a shopping cart with mannequin legs like this - sticking out!!!  ~ On a quick drive-by ~ it was quite eye-catching!*!*!

It's always a treat to stop and have breakast...  Wildberry Restaurant has my Favorite Waffles - they'll l make them nice & crisp for me!*!*!*! 


  1. Mariann is my neighbor at Warrenton and she's so much fun to hang out with!! Wish you were coming, T

  2. I'm NOW feeling a bit sad too... Only days away!!! Maybe FALL??? Blog Ladies EMAIL me some pics DURING WARRENTON, from your I-Phone - I'll post them!!! Most certainly I'll miss the BLOG PARTY & SEEING YOU THERESA!!! ~ Your booth was soooooo inviting/creative last Fall!!! You're just a Gem!!!

  3. Great seeing you, as always!! Janice

  4. Looks like fun.......really like the mirror and the chippy legs!

  5. Fun to see your pictures. I didn't have much of a chance to look around... so cool to see what I missed. I also didn't get any pictures of my own booth so I will send my readers over to see yours!!! Great to see you and thanks for taking some pics! xo Joan@anythinggoeshere

  6. What fun treasures you got to see ! I am glad that you got to take pictures to share with us ~

  7. Its like a paradise - I missed it in germany - our flearmarkets not so big and beautifull - best regards from germany
    send jacqueline to you

  8. Boy, what a day you had...so many things and so little time!!!


  9. Thanks for taking the pictures- I sooo wanted to go- next month, I tell myself. Some great stuff! I so love Joan's blog I think I would go crazy buying in person!

  10. ... you've nailed it .. you're spot on ... how do I know ...
    I was there AND I blogged about it ...
    I saw Joan, Diane, the chippy legs ... Barb ... AND the expen$ive bling ...

    why, oh why am i always drawn to the most expensive item???

    hey, let's chat

    I love Lake!!!!

  11. p.s. I scored with Joan's petite french gold leaf chair ...did you get to feast your eyes on it ... it's on my blog, too

  12. Wow, awesome flea market! Wish I lived near there. Loved Diane's booth!!! What great chandelier's, I really loved the expensive bling one!! Love your blog..



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