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Monday, March 22, 2010

St. Louis, MO AnTiQuE Road Trip...

Sooooo we started out early Saturday morning in THE WORST road conditons!!! ~ Major spins outs EVERYWHERE!!!  However, we did make it safely...  Jeff collects Antique Bottles...  We had a selling table at a show in the St. Louis area...  There are "2" favorite antique stops we make - where I almost always bring home a keeper for me - a real plus!!!  Unfortunately, the bad news is ~ I FORGOT MY CAMERA!!!  ~ I was just sick...  50 miles from home - the light bulb went on - OMG!!!  I drove my husband nuts all weekend with " I can't believe I forgot my camera"!*!*!

 Here's my Keeper!*!*!  The BeSt ViNtaGe Oil Painting!!!

I'll be getting rid of the frame - of course...  It was painted on an old board... A little bit chippy left  bottom edge...  Tooooo Tweet!*!*! or is that Sweet!?!?!

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  1. Oh...hate it when I forget my camera. I feel your pain! But if you'd turned around to go back for it you would have used up some precious shopping time!


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