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Monday, March 29, 2010

Hunt & Gather - MN!*!*! ~ THE BeSt Store for Funky ViNtaGe!!!!!!!!!!

BeSt Antique Weekend in Minnesota!!!     If I had to pick "Just One" Antique/Vintage Shop to call MY FaVoRite ~ It would be HUNT & GATHER, in Minneapolis... LOVE IT!!! ~ LOVE IT!!!! ~ LOVE IT!!!  With my upcoming shows in mind, "I smoked my pocket book" at the check-out...  The BeSt - Most AwEsoMe Finds, were hauled out the door...

The outside of the store is sooooo funky!*!*!

 Hunt & Gather is just a block away from a very UpScale Community ~ Edina, Minnesota... Great restaurants and other FaBuLouS Shopping+++...

The BeSt Displays!!! ~ I don't know how they pack it all in...  I guess "going up the walls" is the secret...  I spend HOURS in this AwEsoMe shop...

This pic is for SHARON - SWEET REPOSE BLOG...

Great ViNtaGe Finds for an "Up-North" Lake Cottage Decor!!!

OK...  I totally understand why the owner had an NFS on this AwEsoMe Piece!!!  I would have snatched this up in a heart beat as a "keeper" myself...  I could just see her with vintage millinery & necklaces...


  1. WOW~~what a great store!! No wonder you love it so much! Take me sometime!! Have a good week, Julie

  2. It is great. I was there last spring on a shopping visit to Minneapolis.

    I agree that it is the best one stop shop around. xo Joan@anythinggoeshere

  3. I love Hunt and Gather! There's always good finds and funky stuff!

  4. They always have an awesome booth at Junk Bonanza too! Definitely one of my faves when i go to Minnesota!

  5. John and I found that last year.... it was almost overwhelming, there was so much great stuff. Glad the kids are in St Paul, gives me an excuse to go!

  6. oh my gawd...i am in eye-candy heaven on the wrong side of the globe...how does an aussie living in england get to that shop without the family knowing i'm missing? love allllll the pictures- lucky you!

  7. Yep...Love Hunt & Gather too. I try to get there once a year since we don't live close anymore. That place is just awesome!

  8. Wow, buyers beware. This place will do anything to con a penny out of your pocket, including but not limited to lying directly to your face.

    What kind of business markets itself as an antique store and sells IKEA products at a 300% markup? If that's not a con, not sure what is.

    These women will lie straight to your face and lead you to believe their IKEA products are one of a kind. They're all in cahoots together, so if one lies, the other backs them up, so be careful.

    Without a doubt, stay clear of the tall, weathered lady who has a booth near the checkout area. She truly chose the wrong occupation working with people.

  9. We've known Kristie for years and love her shop. We opened our own shop just two months ago called Time Bomb Vintage. Our shop has been influenced not only by Hunt & Gather, but Junk Bonanza, Gathering of Friends events, locally handmade items similar to Gumball Collective and I like you! And industrial and MCM furniture, similar to FindFurnish in Nordeast. We love our local stores and hope you will come to Time Bomb on your next trip into the Longfellow neighborhood near Minnehaha Falls!


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