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Friday, March 12, 2010

DADDIO'S Diner ~ Batavia, Illinois... GREAT BREAKFAST!*!*!

Terry & Scott Beltran are proud owners of a  Restaurant/Diner in Batavia, Illinois...  Great BREAKFAST Spot!!!  Terry has done a wonderful job of adding her touches- creating a "Retro Decor"...  The Bacon is just delicious!*!*!  ~ and those homemade "Chocolate Chip Cookies" ~ I almost always grab some for the ride home!!!  

It's entertaining to sit at the counter & watch the action on the grill...

"Kitschy/Retro Decor"...

Old 70's albums... game boards... line the side wall...


Terry & Scott Beltran - Owners...


  1. Wish i was closer!!!
    smiles, alice

  2. How fun is that...I'll have a cookie please!!!

    The only thing that saves me with the big furniture is a ramp that leads to my front door, where I back my truck up to...and hardwood floors that have had years of tenants, that I'm not concerned with scratching...hey, it's a shack(fondly)!!!



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