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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

**ChiPPy!-SHaBBy!** Shops May Kane County Flea Market...

Soooo the SHaBBy ShoPPing Weekend continues...  I shopped Kane County Flea, in St. Charles, Illinois - BOTH Saturday and Sunday!!!    Although the weather was sunny and warm on Saturday, the WIND was a major factor!!!    A good number of Outside Dealers paid the price - lots of "crashing/breakage sounds"  could frequently be seen and heard!!! - OMG ~ what were they thinking??????  The good news -I didn't see any tents take off from the ground...  The dust was kicking up a storm on the North End as well...  Sunday was much cooler - but mostly Sunny - AND IT WAS JUST PACKED!!!  Lots of items that I went back to re-visit WERE LONG GONE...  

 My Pick - BeSt-Of-Show!!! ~ Lot's of natural time-worn chippies!*!*!

 I didn't get to Barbara's Booth till Sunday...  It was well cleaned-out by then!!!

 Diane ALWAYS has such a FaBuLouS Look!!!  I just loved this funky stool - wood top with castor feet!*!*!

 Just FaB Birdcage!!! ~ I most certainly would have snatched this up - but I already have one with "Black Crows" on it instead of Flowers...

 Anita and Judy
Visit their Blog:  Iowa Junk Gypsies 

 Mark went "all-out" as usual with his signature style displays!!!  YOU must check out his web site pics to SEE what his truck looked like when he drove in!*!*!

Jan & Kathy shared a booth...  
Jan is on her way to BRIMFIELD ~ Can't wait to SEE what she brings back!!!  Do check out her Blog:  Gracie's Cottage


  1. I LOVE that chippy table in the first picture...Good to see you!

  2. I really want to come to Kane County sometime! Thanks for the tour!

  3. Love it all...I need to get back to the Kane flea!!

  4. Great stuff! I love the table and the garden gate.

  5. OH, I adore that chippy aqua and white table!!!


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