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Monday, May 16, 2011

1st of the Season ~ ChiPPy!-SHaBBy! Shops ELKHORN FLEA MARKET- WI

Yesterday was yet another day the weather was BEYOND THE TWILIGHT ZONE, here in Wisconsin!!!     AND - It was the First Elkhorn Flea Market of the 2011 Season - OMG!!!  NOTHING Stops a die hard antiquer from shopping Elkhorn, and that held true ~ it was PACKED!*!*!  COLD.... LIGHT RAIN OFF & ON... AND STRONG WINDS...  Many an EZ-Up Frame could be seen in the Garbage Bins...  Thank you DEALERS for setting up!!!  AND YES, I found some FaB SHaBBy Items with ChiPPy Old Paint...  By Noon the weather improved quite a bit ~ sun came ~ and dealers were actually putting out their packed away Merchandise!!!

 I loved this ViNtaGe Chandelier...  

Sellers Sharon & Mindy braved the elements & had a good time!!!

Funky Old Truck Grill ~ Perfect for the Garden!!!

OMG!*!*!  Judy, of the Iowa Junk Gypsies, was selling "Solo" this weekend -OR- at least she was trying too...  After the sun came out her sales were in full swing!*!*!

I stopped by Diane's Outdoor Booth Space when the weather was at it's worst!!!  As you can SEE ~ it didn't stop these shoppers - Her booth was just mobbed!*!*!  

Kathy's Chandeliers were swinging in the wind...

No time to Recover from my Busy Weekend...
It's FULL SPPED AHEAD - getting ready for the Na-da Farm Sale!!! ~ This UpComing Weekend!*!*!


  1. OMG! Doug and I arrived at Elkhorn at 7 am ready to shop~ the weather was brutal!!!! Although we were total zombies- and I forgot to bring a coat~ we managed to fill our truck by 8:30 and didn't even get a chance to see the Iowa Junk Gypsy's or Diane's booth! I wish we would have known you were going to be there too :( See you this weekend~ Carrie @ Hot House Market

  2. Have the most excellent time at the Na Da Show. I’m sure it will be a day to remember..

  3. OOOHHHHH!!!! I wish I had that truck grill!!!
    I found you thru Sweet Repose, I can't wait to see pics from the Na Da Sale!!

  4. Hi Jeanine

    I'm still thawing out from Elkhorn! I'll see you at Na-Da.

    Vintage Nest

  5. I want to go shopping with you!!!
    Please tell my Friend Laura from Verbena Nested Treasures. I said, "Hello" @ the Na Da Farm Sale. I believe she will be there.
    xxx Liz
    Ps. Love that table!!!


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