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Monday, May 2, 2011

**ChiPPy!-SHaBBy! ShoPPing** ~ IN-MY-NEW-RIDE!*!*!

    For quite some time now I've had my heart set on a "ViNtaGe VW Vangon" to haul around my ChiPPy!-SHaBBy! ViNtaGe Finds...  I visualized this white vintage beauty adorned with funky graphics of chandeliers... & chairs...   My Cousin was willing to make my dream come true by selling me just such a vehicle - her "much-loved"  - Mint Condition, VW Van...
   After much serious consideration, with today's safety standards and the powerful get-up-and-go needed for a "Full-Load", we opted for Dodge Caravan's "Cargo-Style" Vehicle...  We left the dealership at 9 p.m. Thursday Night - and I was already on the road by 5 a.m. - headed for a "ChiPPy!-SHaBBy!" ShoPPing Weekend!*!*! 

 My First Love - ViNtaGe VW Vanagon...

 My New Ride...
No Back Seats ~ CaRGo Van Style with comforts!!!
25 Miles per gallon on the highway - I'll live with that...

 I spent the weekend SHaBBy-ShoPPing with my Best Friend, Terry...  We first hit GARDEN GATE TO SPRING ANTIQUE SHOW @ Blumen Gardens...

Even though we got there only minutes after the show opened, ALL THESE FABULOUS URNS had S*O*L*D TAGS ON THEM ALREADY!!!
 Do visit Jamie's Blog Site:  Hollyhock Garden Antiques...

 I loved this plant stand!!!

 Is this an AwEsoMe Corbel or what!!!  ~ The adornment was just perfect...

We spent the rest of the day ShoPPing Antique Stores & hitting many Yard Sales in and around the area...

  No Stopping me NOW!*!*! ~ 
Lot's of Room Still Left!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

P.S.   Only "12" more days till my Next ChiPPy!-SHaBBy! RoadSide Sale at Our Home!*!*!
  Mark your calendar for MAY 14th!!!  


  1. I wish we have your lovely car - but we have only a 5erBMW touring car - to small for shabby-shopping - an d we must rent allways a bigger one or so........we was shopping last weekend and in the end we have not more place for a little mouse in it !!!!
    I wish I could come to your fleamarket - but its to far away !!!! I wish you a god sale and mutch fun

  2. Love your new car. It's perfect. ~Amy

  3. My goodness look at what you can get into that new ride!

  4. ha! was at blumen when they opened....didn't see you!! but so glad I did art Kane

    AWESOME new wheels!!!

  5. I have been waiting all weekend to see what you were buying, and what you bought was a new ride to buy more Chippy Shabby. I love your style!!!

  6. cute post and congrats on the new chippy shabby mobile! don't you just HATE sold signs before a show even opens???



  7. Love the new white van...not tooooo shabby! :)

  8. How cool is that Vangon!! Could see you in that ride for sure with chippy merchandise coming out of the windows...best wishes filling up the wiser choice! Nice to see you at Kane..so will your sign have a new hanger?

  9. Cool beans Jeanine...so glad you got the best vehicle for the job...does she have a name?


  10. Woohoo! I'm so jealous! It's funny, too that my dream ride for junking is a vintage VW van, but I'd be perfectly happy with a cargo van. Not even a nice, souped up one, but just a delivery type would be fine with me. What kind of mileage does yours get? I research the Ford cargo vans and they were horrible. Just HORRIBLE!
    (Tried to get my husband to ask about a delivery van a business was selling for $3000, but he was convinced if it was any good one of the guys who worked there would have snapped it up, so he wouldn't even go ask.)

  11. LOVE IT! Enjoy your new ride!!


  12. Congrats on you new wheels. You'll love it. I have a Caravan and it's a real work horse. I took my seats out and there hasn't been anything that I bought that didn't fit in there. You'll be able to take so much more stuff to your next show. Good luck with it and see you at Nada Farms.

  13. Your car totally fits your needs! I can see how addicted you are in shopping great finds! What was the largest thing you put in there? A closet maybe?


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