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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

**ChiPPy~SHaBBy! Booth Pics** - Cedarburg's MAXWELL STREET FLEA MARKET, Wisconsin...

I had such a GREAT time selling my SHaBBies this past Sunday, at Cedarburg's, "First of the Season" ~ Maxwell Street Flea Market, here in Wisconsin...  Sales were extremely brisk till early afternoon when the RAIN CAME...  I soooo enjoyed visiting with many a SHaBBy-SHoPPer  that I hadn't seen all winter long... Here are some more "detailed pics" of  ChiPPy!-SHaBBy! ViNtaGe Finds in my booth...
  (click to enlarge...) 

 I just LoVed this ViNtaGe Swing!!!
  It was a FaB Adornment "hanging" in my booth...

 Rusty/Crusty Planter, Bench, Pink Flowers, Dresser, Oil Painting, Crown Jar, Ink Bottles, Mirror, Seltzer Bottle

 The Virgin Mary Planter was soooooo
"Jeanne d' Arc" Inspired...  

 Baby ballet slippers ~ P*R*E*C*I*O*U*S...

 LoVed this time-worn Birdcage...
  It had such a sweet look!*!*!

 Of course the Drop-Dead-Gorgeous "Petite Chandelier" 

 I parted with a FaVoRiTe!!! ~ PeRfeCtLy ChiPPy Statue...  It went to a "good home"...  The candelabra SOLD as well, but not before it fell off of a table, knocked me on the head, & cut my nose... OMG!!!

 Again... THaNk YOU Sooooo Much for SHoPPinG My SHaBBies!!!
  YOU make it all possible...

~*~*~* Next Show *~*~*~
Northwind Perennial Farm Antique Garden Show
June 10th & 11th
Burlington, Wisconsin
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  1. I'm glad that awesome chippy statue didn't go to a BAD home! (LOL) Great shots and merchandise. That statue made me swoon a bit though.

  2. Jeanine, you always have the best set ups and most fabulous shabbies out there. I love getting to come along with you on your adventures! xoxo Debra

  3. Jeanine~ I love, love, love that swing! It would be fun to have a swing like that in the yard just to use for display like you did in your booth. Whoever bought it must be so happy. ~ Amy

  4. Everything looks so pretty with the flowers and garden things. Wish I could shopping in your space! Happy Wednesday, T

  5. Oh I see so many things in your Booth that I would have swooned over and wanted! Your Art of Display is exemplary. Sorry to hear of the Candelabra attack! *winks* Some of those old things still have a lot of fight left in them. *he he* Glad the Show went so well 'til the rain put a damper on it all. The sweltering heat here tends to put the cabosh on the Flea Markets... nobody wants to spontaneously combust while shopping. *winks*

    Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


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