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Sunday, January 2, 2011

**ChiPPy!-SHaBBy!** Natural Time-Worn Patina -OR- SHaBBy Painted???

Let's Talk PATINA...
Let's Talk MIRRORS...
Let's Talk WHITE...
For the most part as a seller, I like to stock/sell "items I love"...  In my mind, there are two styles of "SHABBY"  ~ A NATURAL TIME-WORN PATINA -or- SHABBY-PAINTED & DISTRESSED... My personal preference is a natural time-worn patina that only time can produce, but I've come to find that some people prefer "freshly-painted" vintage items that are slightly distressed...  Both have Sold Well for me in the past... ~ It's just a matter of personal preference...  Both of these SHaBBy Styles work well together...
If I'm going to spend the time "SHaBBy-Painting" a vintage item, it has to have "interesting form"...  I painted the flowers a slightly warmer shade of white than the rest of the frame, and lightly distressed them... 

This Mirror WAS such an ugly color - but it had such LOVELY DETAILS!!!  Painting it WHITE changed everything...  There are sooooo many shades of white ~ that "white-on-white" still shows off the mirror...

Here's the mirror on a "dark wall"...  It REALLY POPS!!!

Just Sweet!*!*!  Endless placement possibilities...

From my personal collection, these are Mirrors with a natural time-worn patina...  Two things I love about MiRRorS: "ChiPPy-White" & Time Worn Silver-Loss PaTinA!*!*!
What is YOUR Preference???


  1. for myself I love mirrors with natural time-worn patina more thanb new painted mirrors - your collection is so beautifull !!!
    best regards

  2. My first choice is a natural time worn look, but if I can't find just the right piece I will paint and really "shabby" it up!! Not quite as perfect as the original wearing on a piece, but still really good!

  3. I love natural time worn but like to mix them in with painted ones too!

  4. I'm with you...love em both...originally chippy is finding its way more and more into my home but for resale...it is the freshly painted white that sells...

  5. Totally voting for the old....Love your collection...thinking I must group mine together like that...HOW STUNNING!!!
    Hugs, Amy
    (PS, my word verification was YARDYARLY...LOL)

  6. Love the white, vintage looking mirror! Wishing you a very Happy, full of great junkin, New Year!!! Cathy aka GGJ

  7. well when you can get it, time worn finishes. but we all know those are getting harder and harder to find. there are pieces whose lines come to life when painted, and so both are equally fabulous.



  8. Love them all!!

    blessings for a great new year

    barbara jean

  9. My preference always gravitates towards the natural patinas that only time creates so magnificently. That said, if I see a great piece that can be transformed with a paint job, faux aging and salvaged I have gone that route at times as well. I tend to hold onto the old aged to perfection original pieces longer because they simply can't be duplicated.

    Dawn... The Bohemian

  10. Do you sale anything on-line?


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