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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

**It's WhiTe WEDNESDAY** CHiPPy!-SHaBBy! Style!*!*!

Once again I'm joining the PaRty @ Kathleen's FADED CHARM!!! - WHITE WEDNESDAY!*!*!  Everyone has their particular taste in SHaBBies...  My "First Love" is a "Natural, Time-Worn" Chippy Paint Patina - that only time can produce...  Enjoy the random "ChiPPy-White SHaBBies"...  I get sooooo much inspiration from ALL the entries... 

 Lot's of PeRfeCtLy ChiPPy Shabbies in this picture...  The wicker basket with barbola trim is long gone & so is the mirror...

 Time-Worn ChiPPy Fence Fragment in our Summer Garden...  A closer peek reveals the best time-worn paint crazing!!!

 PeRfeCtly ChiPPY in all the right places ~ 
Cherub supporting an urn...  I love Cherubs in my jewelry nook and bathroom...  Soooo many display possibilities with soaps... jewelry adornments...

 PeRfeCtLy Crusty... Rusty... Old White Metal Box...  Even if it's not "functional" ~ the shape/form makes for a great shelf display piece...

 Great little Cabinet with drawer...  Just FaB time-worn patina!!!  Perfect "Prop-Piece" for resting on a larger sized cabinet...

 Chippy ViNtaGe Garden Set...  Hints of Old Green Paint Poking through...

 Time-Worn Architectural SaLVaGe...

 Pretty little fussies on a PeRfeCtLy Chippy Table!!!

Only time can produce an AwEsoMe time-worn patina like this...  Architectural Salvage Fragment...

***  ***  
I've been SHaBBy-ShoPPing for my next show at the DuPage Expo Center in St. Charles, Illinois
Less than 10 days Away!!!
Do Mark YOUR Calendar
~ Come Shop-My-Shabbies ~
Feb. 5th and 6th
(see sidebar for details...) 


  1. Great white shabbys:) I joined WW today too only to realize that I posted some photos with color! Silly me, it is the snow that is making me batty:)
    ~Debra xxx
    Capers of the vintage vixens

  2. Love all your white, time worn, chippies. I agree. That look simply cannot be duplicated.

  3. Great photos - love all that white chippiness!

  4. Jeanine~
    I wish I had 1/10th of your decorating talent. Wonder how I missed out? Amy

  5. all the perfect white chippinest!!! gorgeous!!!

  6. I think I need a road trip to Illinois after seeing all of this. I'll take two crusty tables and a side of chippy vintage garden set, please. Could you wrap that to go?

  7. I sure wish I could come see your chippies. I also prefer the "time worn" painted primitives, and garden style.

  8. Loving that white wicker basket!

  9. ...now what is simply not to LOVE about lovely white chippiness I ask you?!!
    awesome collection:)
    xo, Rosemary

  10. I am so in love with all your white chippiness!! There is something about a patina developed over time that is stunning. Happy WW!

  11. Oh just ALLL so perfectly Shabby chippy white.
    Just a pleasure to the eyes. =)

    barbara jean

  12. Loving all the chippyness,, it's perfect!

  13. Oh girl, you did good. Those are some very beautiful chippy shabby whites.

  14. Hi Jeanine,
    I love it all, especially the urn with the cherub. I could easily see that piece w/my rosaries hanging out of it!

    I know your event will be lovely, you've got the taste for beautiful items for sure!


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