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Sunday, January 23, 2011


My girlfriend Terry's Mom used to say "January seems to last forever"...  ~ It's most certainly feeling like - JUST THAT TODAY!!!  Near zero temperatures & being what I call "CAGED-UP" are just not my thing... Soooooo in order to get a little "Perk-Me-Up-Fix" ~ I've been viewing quite a few "Old-SHaBBy-Finds" from the PAST...  Hope you enjoy looking at them as much as I did...  SPRING WILL COME...  Only people in "Snow Country" understand and long for this...

ALL these Finds are Long-Gone, but I remember each and every one of them!!!

Loading up for Northwind Garden Show years ago...  ALL that "PeRfeCtLy ChiPPy" Furniture...

Each year I SELL COSMOS PLANTS in my booth at the Cedarburg Maxwell Street Flea Market in late May...

 A pile of "SHaBBies" ~ Some ended up being keepers that I Still Have...

I almost always try and have some Architectural SaLVaGe in my booth space...   It's much harder to find it during the winter months ~ but a treat when I do!!!

This photo goes way... way... back...
  A gathering of PeRfeCTLy ChiPPy SHaBBies!!!

YES...  We will eventually SEE sights like this - HOWEVER, not until MAY in Wisconsin... 

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Don't Forget...  Mark YOUR Calendar...  
Come Shop-My-SHaBBies in the next couple weeks!!!

*** DuPage Expo Center - St. Charles, IL ***
*** Grayslake Flea Market, IL ***

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  1. Yes, when winter gets you down you must stay inspired with colors and textures and these pictures are just what the doctor ordered. Very nice!

  2. Thank you for the cosmos, I love those! I just said this morning, I wish I was at an ouside flea market, finding some junk! Sigh.. soon

  3. Hi BFF, My mom would be thrilled to know you remembered her comments!!! Thanks for keeping her memory alive. She was a very wise woman!!! Love ya, Terry

  4. I really loved looking at all your photo's in this post. i would so love for youto get in touch with me if you have or come across any matching corbells that i could use as book ends! i look & look & look - but never have any luck! Your blog is darling & i love your posts....i'm a new follower! xoox

  5. Sometimes I look back on things I've sold and I think why did I sell that! lol! Oh well we gotta make a living!

  6. I love everything I see there! I want that little chippy stool! I can't wait for spring either!!!

  7. Such lovely things. I have not been doing any shopping lately but I am ready to get out again. We planted a huge bed of daffodils and I noticed they are starting to pop up!

  8. First time to your beautiful blog. Love all of your pictures!


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