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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

**Pretty Wrappings** ~ Jeanne d'Arc Living ARRIVES!!!

I order my copy of  The Jeanne d' Arc Living through Urban Farmhouse...  The First of the "2011" Edition arrived yesterday!!!  Lisa makes this already "extra-special" magazine - even more special, by wrapping it in oh-so-pretty tissue paper ~ with string and little key adornment...  See for yourself!!!  "Lucky-Me" ~ I visit URBAN FARMHOUSE, in Thornville, Ohio,  once a year - in the Spring...   AwEsOme Displays...

 This pretty wrapping makes opening Jeanne d' Arc Living even more special!!!

Upon closer inspection, I noticed the sweet birdie!!! Anything special - is always in the details...

I've only had time to "do-a-flip" so far...  
Looking forward to REALLY getting inspired ~ as always...
The magazine is more like a book and yes, it is EXPENSIVE ~ but I'm now hooked... I've never come across anything quite  like it before..  Detailed Inspiration...
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I'd love to hear what YOU think about the magazine...



  1. I couldn't afford it but it looks like a gorgeous magazine!!! I'll just have to live vicariously through all the great bloggers out there who did get it!

  2. I think my head is exploding just looking at the image!

    for now, I'll have to be happy with my issue from last spring ... they are getting out of reach $$$

  3. I love this magazine too - this month the first one is in german language - I wish you a great day

  4. Love it as well, It is INpsiration overload, Wanting to embrace it all, the design the style Just Love It,

  5. I'm in LOVE LOVE LOVE w/this magazine now. expensive yes, but the inspiration is priceless!! I've pretty much let go alot of my other mag subscriptions {and let's just say, they were starting to outnumber my boot collection haha} so that's how i justify the splurge....and yes the un-wrapping is always creative and fun!
    see you soon! (will miss you on the DC trip!)

  6. wow, I hadn't heard of this one yet...thanks!


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