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Monday, February 10, 2014

SHoP My SHaBBies on EBAY!*!*!

Having SHaBBy SHoPPing Withdrawal???
With this*Twilight Zone* Winter,  - sometimes not going out  for days, I decided to get busy & list a few SHaBBies on EBAY...  I'm a well-seasoned Ebay Seller from years ago, ~ you'll get lots of pictures & detailed descriptions...  BeSt-Of-All, your item will be "ShiPPed" right to your front door!!!
Whether you live near or far - you can now
 Shop-My-SHaBBies for the next few weeks!!! 
Unlike other times of year when I'm CrAZy Busy Hauling SHaBBieS
 from Show to Show ~ Not having time for this... 

 ViNtaGe Basket
with Barbola/Gesso Garland

 ViNtaGe Porcelain Flowers

 Pair of Time~Worn & Tattered
Ballet Pointe Shoes

 ViNtaGe Oil Painting on Canvas

ViNtaGe Garden Appeal
AwEsoMe CuPola!*!*!
*Nice smaller-size*

I hope you wold consider stopping by!*!*!
FaB Eye-Candy that now can be Y*O*U*R*S!*!*!


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