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Friday, February 21, 2014

SpRiNg Vignette is UP!*!*!

STILL a Snowy White-Out
OuTsiDe My WiNdoW - YES!
Here's some Cheery "hopeful" eye-candy
 inspiration with ViNtaGe Garden Appeal...

 SpRiNg Will Come ~ Just be Patient...

 I was soooo excited to dig this FaB Old Window
 Out of my SHaBBy-StAsH!*!*!  It's a keeper for now!!!
  Just PerFeCt Background Anchor Piece for my Seasonal
 Early Spring Entry Display, In-Our-Home...

~ PaTiNa ~
 Time~Worn Old English Watering Can
The Old Apple-Green Paint doesn't get any better than this!*!*!

One of my weaknesses is
ViNtaGe Tole
Candle Holders with Delicate Flowers!*!*!

Have a Good Weekend!*!*!
And remember if you need a SHaBBy-Fix
Do visit my Ebay Listings by clicking on my sidebar...
Your item will be delivered RIGHT TO YOUR DOOR!!!


  1. aaahhhh Spring, I love it in your Entry!

  2. I LOVE that window. . . it's killer!!

    Take care,

  3. Ohhhhh that window is super sweet. You need to grow tired of it and have it for sale!!! Just Sayin!!!

  4. In love with the window and the whole display!! Would also love a sneak peek into your Shabby Stash!!! You must have the size of a warehouse hidden somewhere!


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