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Sunday, February 9, 2014

ViNtaGe Garden Appeal...

I LoVe W*H*I*T*E
but right now I've had enough of this
SNoWy-White Outside Landscape!*!*!

Time to bring in little Spring-Time Vignettes
While We Wait...

* PeRfeCtLy ChiPPy *
ViNtaGe Watering Can

Re-purposed ChiPPy Funnel Stand
supporting Industrial Gage...
Rusty time-worn Garden Fence Fragment


  1. I have said a million times this winter… I'M OVER IT!!! We got another 3 1/2 " last night.. on top of about 12" already on the ground. UGH!

  2. Don't want to gloat, but I may be able to work in the rose garden later today. We are tired of cold, freezing weather down here in the Deep South, too.

  3. I am so over winter but it looks like we still have a few months to go. It is dropping to -10 tonight. I loved the pics of the vintage garden can and tools. Oh to dream of summer!

  4. A taste of spring....adore the green/red/white watering can......so charming!


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