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Monday, December 12, 2011

ChiPPy!-SHaBBy! Booth - December 2011 Grayslake Flea- Illinois

This past weekend Frog Husband and I "Split-A-Booth" at the GRAYLAKE ANTIQUE FLEA MARKET in Illinois...  Although we had a fun time together ~ "My SHaBBies" were way toooooo sandwiched-in on my side of the space...

It was challenging to make it all fit!*!*!

LAST WEEK ~ While in California, I picked up this
 FaB ViNtaGe Bottle...
It was "bittersweet" to see it sell...  The Winter Graphics Couldn't have gotten any better!*!*!  

The smaller-sized child's ski's SOLD right away, along with the poles...  I can just SEE it displayed in a basket with some greens GREETING HER HoLiDaY Guests...

PeRfeCt HoLiday "Coffee Table" Adornment ~ lasting long through January...  These naturally-frosted white pine cones were a nature-find from our FALL NEW HAMPSHIRE TRIP... 

These Vintage Bottle Garlands look FaB strung across a Mirror,Windows, Shutters...
Sooooo "Jeanne 'd Arc / Nordic Style!*!*!

How Fun is that Darling Green Cart
 with Red Wheels!*!*!  
It went to a very good home!!!  
Just PeRfeCt - For changing out "Seasonal Decorations"...

My Galvanized Buckets W/Painted Chalk-Board Area, were a good seller...  Adorned with greens ~ they'll make a PERFECT HOSTESS GIFT during your holiday visits...  Tuck-In a nice Bottle of Wine - even better!*!*!

Frog Husband had a LARGE AQUARIUM he wanted to sell...  I came up with a SNOWY WINTER-WOODLAND DISPLAY...


Jeff's side of the booth...

PeRfeCt Table Centerpiece Adornment...

ChiPPy Primitive Cubby-Drawers 
Original Old Green Paint...

I just loved this Sweet, Smaller-Sized,
 Winter Wonderland "BiRdiE Display" with candle...
PeRfeCt to display - just about anywhere...  No Worries that it did not sell...  It will now be adorning OUR HOME this HoLIDay Season...  

Just FaB ~ PeRfeCTLy ChiPPy Architectural
 Candle Support Pillars...

"Endangered Species"
SpArKliNg SNOW OWL in SHaBBy BirdCage!*!*!

By the end of the weekend ~
This was such a welcome sight!*!*!
**Kisses Froggie**


  1. LOVE how you displayed the aquariums!!!!! always great stuff, jeanine!!

  2. I always love all your shabbies. So great the way you display them. I love the naturally frosted pinecones. I was in NH this fall too and brought back a lot of them. I've been using them in my decorating.

  3. Your shabbies are awesome as usual! But, Iam still trying to figure why you call your husband a frog! LOL

  4. I so-ooo love your stuff!! Cool bottle and I've got one those plastic trees in my funky tree collection...mine is missing a lot of its ornaments though.

  5. SOOOOO many of YOU have asked about:
    Why I call my Husband a F*R*O*G ???????
    I'll be doing a Blog Post on just that in the weeks to come...

  6. I think I need to move to Ill. Great stuff


  7. Beautiful as always, want everything! Jen FrEsH ViNtAgE!

  8. Cute display for the fish tank!

  9. Thank you for all the gorgeous vintage inspiration! Love the bottle garland! Love it all!!

  10. Sorry I missed you and seeing your adorable Christmas display in person last weekend...wishing you and froggie a happy holiday season...see you in the New Year!

  11. was my first trip down to grayslake...anticipated it being a much more interesting/ truly antiques event...not all the newly created/ current market inventory. the show just didn't meet our expectations/ or the expense of the road trip


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