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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

**SpArKliNg Window Display** Tomorrow's Heirlooms ~ Sutter Creek California...

Oh~Soooooo~SHaBBy!*!*!  What's not to LoVe about this **SPaRkLiNg Store Front Window**...
  Sutter Creek, California  

The first Friday Night in December, starts Sutter Creek's HoLIDaY Open House...  The town's shop were ALL A-GLOW with festive window displays ~ and this shop - Tomorrow's Heirlooms was packed!*!*! 

One of the perks of HoLiDaY ShoPPing is coming across a WINDOW DISPLAY that is sooooo GoRgEOuS ~ that you just can't help but go inside and shop!*!*!  Tomorrow's Heirlooms was just that!!!  I'm sooooo glad we were visiting when we did...  

Even their door handle was inviting...

Lots of ViNtaGe InSpired Clothing...

Their dressing rooms were as lovely as the front window...

The ladies behind the check-out counter were sooooo nice!!!
"Frog-Husband" saw me eyeing this unique "BiRdiE Necklace" ~  I came home with it!*!*!  
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  1. OMG! Love that window display. So inviting and warm. Would love to visit that shop. Maybe someday.... xoxo Amy

  2. What a beautiful window display. Hope you have a very Merry Christmas.

  3. Is that necklace one of a kind? I love it! Can you order online from them? Thank you so much for sharing this shop!

  4. Hellooo thistlewoodfarm...
    As for the Bird Necklace ~ I'd contact the store...
    (209) 267-5505
    Or connect via FaceBook...

  5. Merry X-Mas from switzerland

    Jacqueline ♡



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