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Friday, December 16, 2011

THE STORE OF THE CHRISTMAS SPIRIT... **Marshall Field & Company, Chicago**

~*~*~The Store Of The Christmas Spirit~*~*
 "Marshall Field & Company" whose headquarters were based in Chicago, holds such fond HoLiDaY Memories for me...  In my younger years, just Dad and I ~ would make our special yearly trip into the City of Chicago, to view their AmAziNg HoLiDaY Window Displays!!!  
closed their doors in 2006, after more than "100 years in business"...  It was such a CHICAGO ICON...
It's amazing how such a little box, measuring just 3" x 2",  holds a lifetime of memories...

 For quite some time, I've been collecting
 **ViNtaGe Christmas Boxes**... 
These are Old, Time-Worn Paper Boxes, that have Christmas HoliDay Graphics already printed on them, NOT separate wrapping paper covering the box...  Many of them have  condition issues, - "pen or pencil" writings on them, perhaps identifying their stored Holiday Decorations from year to year...  THIS YEAR I decided to SELL a good number of pieces from my Personal Collection...   After the fact, I was actually quite saddened to see them ALL SELL!!!  ~ Sooooo, I now have a "more recently acquired" Stack Of Old ChiPPy-SHaBBy ViNtaGe-Boxes, replacing my loss!*!*! 

 Wonderful "Graphics"
My Guess ~ **1950's**

 A Fluffy-Creamy-White ViNtaGe Chenille Tree
 now proudly adorns my more recently acquired stack of ViNtaGe Christmas Boxes in our entry vignette...

If you have a "Fond-Memory" of Marshall Field & Company, I'd love to hear about it!*!*!


  1. Hi Jeanine~
    I do have a fond memory of Marshall Fields. When I was 5 years old, mom & I went to Chicago to visit relatives around Christmas time. We visited you. I had my photo taken with Santa at Marshall Fields when it was still OK to sit on Santa's lap! Even tho the photo was black & white (1956) I remember the coat I wore was gray with pink checkers. As we came down the escalator a man said to me: "Don't flutter your eyelashes or you'll blow me away." I remember that moment and mom reminded me of it many, many times over the years. Now, so many years later, my eyelashes are my last remaining claim to my youth... thus the permission to by $30 Lancome mascara! ~Amy

  2. ...oops... to BUY $30 Lancome mascara. Amy

  3. LOVE those boxes, can't beat those vintage graphics!! :)

  4. Oh....those boxes are perfect! I can see why you would need to purchase more!

    Merry Christmas to you!

  5. I only had the privilege of visiting Marshall Field's one time, with my high school business club about 40 years ago. It makes me sad to think of how many real department stores have gone out of business. The mall stores and discount stores just don't have the character that the department stores had--and they were so special at Christmas.

    Love your blog! Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  6. Hi! I too have found a few vintage boxes, and I love all of them... Most of the ones I have are very thin, for ties or hankies, and look great hung on the wall...

    As far as Field's - every year my friend's mom would take us to have desert by the tree and see the windows, or browse the KrisKindleMarkt before hand. I miss the windows- I think Macy's should have taken over that tradition...

  7. It is marvelous that your first set sold and then again that you could replace them.

  8. OMG, those take me back. As a native of Chicago, I remember them well. Nice collection Jeanine.

  9. Love the vignette, Jeanine! I'm crazy about the big box on the bottom with the stripes and holly! Merry Christmas! Jen Rippinger FrEsH ViNtAgE!

  10. Jeanine,

    Love those boxes - I have some that I'd never
    part with!! My girlfriend & I still laugh
    about having to PAY to use the bathroom at the Marshall Fields in Chicago!!! The coin machines were on the outside of the stall doors!!

    Merry Christmas!!


  11. Love your memory of Marshall Fields, Chicago!
    We did our trip into chicago at the holidays too and it was a favorite tradition. I looked forward to it every year.! Those windows were in my dreams for years!
    Thank you for the memory again!
    Merry Christmas!

  12. OH, Marshall Fields. Such a sad loss to see them close. The most iconic store in the country. Every year my family and I took the train from Streator to the Loop to see their animated Christmas displays. It was fascinating to hear the oohs and awes, and see the buldging eyes from both young and old.

    After I graduated from high school, my friends and I would take the train up and spend several days/nights in the city. Stayed at the Palmer House. We really thought we were "hot stuff." We loved Trader Vic's. Of course, we were under-age, but loved to sip Cokes and act like we were older.

    For many years I made three or four yearly trips downtown Chicago. The main stop was Marshall Fields. Fields was the only place I could purchase my favorite perfume - "Secret of Venus" by Weil.

    Always ate in Fields' tearoom.

    Thanks for your post.

    Oh my, what wonderful memories.

  13. Many of them have condition issues, - "pen or pencil" writings on them, window graphics Chicago


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