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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

**ChiPPy! White! Wednesday** @ Kathleen's Faded Charm...

I'm hooked on WHITE WEDNESDAY'S @ Katheleen's Faded Charm!!!  Click on her link and join in the fun...  

I love this ViNtaGe Chippy Garden Chair!*!*!
   I have a pair ~ "may" decide to part with them mid-summer????

I just received this darling French Bottle Carrier off of ETSY...   Now a days, it is soooooo hard to tell if  metal pieces are "authentically old"...  Manufacturers are doing such an incredible job with "aging metal patinas"...  After very close inspection, my guess is "made to look old"...  It is such a darling piece ~ I'm still keeping it for now...

Busy getting ready for another show THIS WEEKEND!!!
Grayslake Flea Market Feb. 12th & 13th, 2011
** see sidebar for details **
Weather prediction:  30's and sunny!!!

Print out this blog page
for 1/2 off Admission to the show!!!


  1. That chair is awesome! I could picture a bunch of places to put it;)
    ~Debrs xxx
    Capers of the vintage vixens

  2. That is a lovely chair and carrier! I agree, it is hard to tell what's really vintage and what's made to look old! I ordered a trivet that appeared old and rusty in the photo but after receiving it I do think it's new and made to look old but I still love it!

  3. Those awesome chairs remind me of Northwind, which reminds me of warm summer days...

    See you this weekend!


  4. Love your chairs! I totally agree sometimes it's hard to tell if something is really old or just something made to look old. I have that problem all the time.. but I think if I like it, I still get it anyway! take care, Maryann

  5. Love your chairs have some just like them! but mine are gray..oh well!

  6. I love that bottle carrier! I would love to have an old one! I know what you mean about telling if it's old or not in a picture! You think people would be honest and tell if it's old or new!

  7. Love this pictures, and Yes love White Wednesday too. best link party ever....


  8. Hello,
    Thanks for stopping by my little Blog. Your msg. was so sweet! Here's to a new friendship;)
    xx Liz

  9. Love the chair and carrier! I'm such a sucker for rusty, crusty, chippy chairs! :) Your photo's make me really wish for spring!!


  10. I love all your whites today. That bottle carrier has just the right amount of chippiness as does that wonderful chair. Isn't it hard to part with things sometimes.....alas, we can't keep everything.


  11. L*O*V*I*N*G the darn chairs and bottle carrier! You are a stinker for sure!!! :o)

  12. Love your blog!!
    Just out of curiousity, how much did that 1940's calendar from the previous post sell for? I just bought one of these almost identical 2 weeks ago at shop in Plymouth, WI. Mine is from the 50's though. I took it apart and had the 4 pictures matted and framed.
    Do you do any shows here in Wisconsin?
    Kelly O.

  13. Kelly O.
    Please email me directly so I can respond to your questions... ~ It's on my sidebar...
    And YES, I do, do shows in Wisconsin too...

  14. I'm loving that bottle carrier. Old, white, and chippy. You gotta love a comfy chair on a warm (but not H-O-T) summer afternoon, so I know those chairs will be put to good use too!


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