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Monday, February 21, 2011

ChiPPy!-SHaBBy! Shops "2 SHaBBy LaDieS BOOTH" Boulder City, NV

One of the FIRST Stops I always make when visiting Boulder City, Nevada, is GOAT FEATHERS EMPORIUM, located in the downtown historic district...   My FaVoriTe Shabby Booth Display was loaded with lots of white and sparkling chandeliers ~ of course!!!  After some emails/phone calls I was able to meet with one of the 2 ladies who share this booth space...   Nancie & MaryAnn call themselves "2 Shabby Ladies"...  I soooo enjoyed meeting Nancie...   Do click on the Goat Feathers link above to see some pics of their space in years past...  Check out their OUTDOOR SET-UP when Boulder City hosts their annual ART-IN-THE-PARK Event in the Fall!!! (click on pics to enlarge...)

 The ceilings are quite tall at Goat Feathers Emporium, allowing these "2 Shabby Ladies" to make the most of their displays!!!  Chandeliers were hanging everywhere in their space!*!*!

 These old shabby-painted doors not only look fab ~ but act as a perfect divider to define their space...  I just loved the barbola trim surrounding the center...  YES, there was a price tag on them this time...  And - Let me tell you - I was quite tempted!!!

 ~  Meet Nancie!!!  ~  
I sooo enjoyed our chit-chat!!!  Unfortunately MaryAnn was not available to meet that day...   

Here I am with Nancie, holding some "Sweet" SHaBBy-RoSe Bookends...

There are a few other antique stores in Boulder City, so it's well worth the drive...  Antique Depot had a good amount of SHaBBies ~ but the prices were high...

This grouping of inviting vintage finds lined the sidewalk in front of the Antique Depot...

Even though the weather in Boulder City was a bit on the cool side,  signs of SPRING were everywhere!!!  Loved these beautiful white flower blossoms!!!

** *** **
I'm saving some of my best pics for last!!!
I'll be posting
Gina Peck's ~ "Over-The-Top-GoRgeOuS"
** SHaBBy White-Out Cottage House **
in the next day or so...
I am soooooo inspired by her decorating talents!!!


  1. I don't think I would be able to contain myself! Too much good stuff their. Love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! judy

  2. Well darn it...looks like you found some good Junk stops. I am living in JUNK heaven through your blog!! Hugs, Janna

  3. I love the door with the oval glass. You always manage to find the best places. I am convinced the South has been striped of all it's goods. hugs♥O

  4. Jeanine~ The photo of the blossoming tree surprised me especially since I walk by that tree several times a day and I did not notice the blossoms till I saw your photo. So much for being an alert person. ~ Amy

  5. Wow! What a fest for the eyes!

  6. all looks so fun!!!
    thanks for great pics.

    barbara jean

  7. Oh, my gosh. I totally gasped when I saw your posts on Boulder City. I lived there for almost 7 happy and peaceful years. Moved to Florida last year. I miss Boulder City so much. In fact, I had a booth in Goatfeathers until that time. Nancie and Mary Ann are super gals, and their booth is always a favorite of mine. Have lots of their goodies in my cottage. And, Gina . . . one of the sweetest people I know. Her house is fantabulous. My heart will always remain in this beautiful community surrounded by mountains. Do you have family in Boulder City itself? Love your blog and am a faithful follower.

  8. I think I'd go crazy in there-so many pretties to look and take home! WOW!!!!!!!!!

  9. Thank you so much Jeanine for showing our booth in Boulder City Nv. It was so nice to meet up with you, I really enjoyed talking with you and your hubby. We love to go on your blog and see what kind of treasures you have found. Also I was so glad to see that you were able to meet with Gina and tour her house we just love Gina and her house it is so charming, and yes she is a very talented lady just like you!!!!!!!!! Thanks again Nancie and MaryAnn


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