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Monday, February 28, 2011

ChiPPy!-SHaBBy! **For the LoVe of ViNtaGe Garden**

I have been collecting "ViNtaGe Garden" items near 30 years now...  It started out with "WATERING CANS" - when I lived in the Nevada Desert, of all places!!!  I soon "branched-out" to other areas of ViNtaGe Garden Collectibles:  Sprinklers, Seed Packets, Seed Boxes, Garden Tools, Clay Pots, Trellis Stands, Fence Fragments, Metal Containers, Florist Baskets, Advertising Ephemera, Hardware Store Garden Tool Displays, Flower Frogs,& Seed Jars  ...  Especially at this time of year ~ I pay special attention to my "smaller-sized" watering cans... 

 I recently took this photo on my Boulder City, Nevada trip ...  As you can see on this Fence, the Desert Sun makes for a GREAT Time~Worn PaTiNa

 This PeRfeCtLy SHaBBy Time-Worn ViNtaGe Iron Flower is one of my Most Cherished Items!!!  I actually had (2) flower vines - but was Out-Of-My-Mind and SOLD the other... 

 Best-Ever SHaBBy ViNtaGe Garden!!!
P A T I N A  is Everything!*!*!

 YES, I'm once again showing you my Husband's Best-Ever surprise gift to me!!!
2-Die-4 ViNtaGe Rose Garden Sprinkler!!! and...
Check out the small vintage watering can nested at it's base...

 I have these extra special smaller cans displayed on architectural fragments in my office/loft area...

These days, a watering can has to be pretty special for me to add it to my collection...  This time-worn beauty was just that - added it THIS YEAR... ~ AwEsoMe Find in Door County, Wisconsin!!!  I just love the ORIGINAL Old Mustard-Colored Paint and it's time-worn patina!!!

 Just Sweet!*!*!
This little watering can with flower decal is nice and chippy!!!  I love it's funky "hand made" appeal, and COLOR!!!  The watering can on the right is definitely One-Of-A-Kind, with it's triple stacked color bands...
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  1. love everthing! the sprinkler from your husband is wonderful- what style you have...


  2. I am soooo very much
    thinking of spring !!
    Thank you for showing us
    some beautiful
    spring garden treasures ~


  3. What a fabulous collection! You've inspired me to new heights. (Although apparently I never see any of these things or I'd have bought them - provided I could afford them) I do have watering cans, but they all look the same. Had no idea they came in colors and stuff. LOL

    I agree, the flower vine is to die for. Can't believe you sold it's twin. Yes I can. I've done similar things before. And the sprinkler? I've never seen one of those!

  4. What a guy! He knows the way to your chippy little heart!

  5. Oh my, love that sprinkler..unbelievable! I collect old water cans and ALL things you say you collect. You will have to check out my post on my garden cottage I built just for my garden antiques. if it unusual and garden themed i want it (if I can afford it!)

  6. Hi, I'm a new follower...you have such a nice blog. I noticed there is a flea market in grayslake Il.in march... my brother lives there! it would be nice to go and visit my nieces as well as do a little shopping... have a nice day!

  7. Oh I love your watering can collection and that sprinkler your DH found is awesome! The Man has often dragged Home some pretty cool stuff for me that he just knew I'd appreciate... I have him keeping an eye out when he's out in the Desert doing their "Guy Thing" like Hunting, Camping and Prospecting... to look for discarded Found Treasures for moi! *winks*

    Dawn... The Bohemian

  8. LOVE it ALL!!

    My fave is the display of the old sprinkler and watering can on pedestal.

    barbara jean

  9. I remember thoses!! What were you thinkin girl?? Diane ;)


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