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Sunday, February 20, 2011

**ChiPPy!-SHaBBy! ** BiRthDaY Weekend SHaBBy Sightings!*!*!

OMG!*!*! ~ WHERE do I begin????????  It all started with "Frog Husband" whisking us away to BOULDER CITY, NEVADA,  to celebrate my BiRthDaY Weekend with Family and Friends...  We weren't there but a couple hours and I had my "FIRST SHABBY-SIGHTING"!!!

 No matter what part of the country I'm in ~ NOTHING stops me from buying a "PeRfeCtly-CHiPPy" piece of furniture!!!

 I stopped dead-in-my-tracks when I caught a glimpse of this shabby "french-like" bench/table/stool!!!  It had such Great Form!!!

There was NO-WAY, I wasn't going home without it!!!  We hit the "Recycle-Cardboard" Dumpsters shortly after, and found the perfect-sized box to ship it!!!


 We had a lovely suite at the Historic Boulder Dam Hotel, in the downtown area of Boulder City...  I highly recommend the hotel for it's friendly helpful staff, clean rooms, & tasty breakfast/lunches...

We arrived home to the start of yet ANOTHER WINTER STORM!!!  It now looks like a "snow-globe" out there!!! 

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Do check back to SEE pics of Nancie & MaryAnn's Booth-
"2 SHABBY LADIES" @ Goat Feathers... I was sooo happy to actually meet Nancie on this trip!!! 

******   ****** 
 ** ** Best-Ever ** **
SHaBBy White-Out at Gina Peck's Home!!!
You just won't believe the FaBuLous Look Gina has created in their home!!!  I was sooooo thrilled to get a tour & chit-chat with Gina!!!  


  1. Beautiful place. Looks like a great birthday for you! That's one good chippy table! Happy day! judy

  2. Epps! I just stumbled across your blog (looking up flea market dates in Google) and I am in LOVE! We are basically in each other's backyards (I am in Milwaukee) and clearly share a passion for vintage hunting! I started following INSTANTLY!!!!! :) Can't wait to see what your up too! Great find by the way...what a pleasant birthday surprise (the trip and the table!!!) Best, Cat

    ps. It totally looks EXACTLY like a snow globe outside today...perfect analogy!

  3. Happy Birthday!! Looks like you really had a fabulous one!

  4. Thanks so much for your sweet comment, you made my day!!

  5. Happy Happy Birthday!!! Nothin' better than finding goodies for a wonderful weekend!

  6. ok, did you get the van??? Loving the bench. Wait til you see the huge CHIPPY white corbels Judy and I found this weekend.

  7. Happy Birthday - sounds like a great trip!
    Sorry to hear about the snow :(
    (we've been enjoying a few days with the family on the W side of Lake Mich - it was warm enough here yesterday to do some dune climbing - was hoping that spring was coming....)


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