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Monday, June 21, 2010

FaB "Old-SHaBBy" MiRRor!*!*! ~ It's Up!!!

Staying home this weekend enabled us to get quite a few things done around the house...  Some of you might remember pics of  ***My AwEsoMe Mirror Find*** from the Kane County Flea Market in Illinois, this past May...   Well, that 2-die-4 GoRgeOuS Beauty is NOW HUNG in my bathroom!!!  It looks just as Fab as I had envisioned!!!   I had been shopping for "just the right one" for almost 3 years!*!*!  (click on pics to enlarge for better detail...

  AmaZinG Ornate Top Crest Details...

I Love the hints of time~worn "silver loss patina"...  It lends sooooo much character to the piece...  I don't think I could buy a vintage mirror without it!

The ornate details are made of GESSO ~ a plaster of sort...  It has taken on many a hairline crackling ~ YES!!!   The old white paint, hairline crackling, & subtle chips here and there add soooo much unique vintage charm to this piece!*!*!

This ViNtaGe Mirror is hung on a wall adjacent to my large soaking tub...  I LOVE MY TUB!!!  A Chandelier hangs above...  and I have a couple Seashell Candelabras surrounding the area...  We're lucky enough to have outdoor privacy ~ allowing the shutters to be open during the day...

 Here I am at Kane County ~ just minutes after I netted my AwEsoMe Find!!!  I'm sooooo glad I forked-out the extra bucks for this one!!!  

On Another Note...  "REGRETS-LATER"...   You know how sometimes you get home and are sooooo sorry you didn't purchase a certain vintage find????  - Because you've now found the perfect spot for it in your home??? ~ Well, a good number of you have emailed me to see if an item from one of my most recent sales is still available.... I'VE BEEN SELLING QUITE A FEW PIECES This Way!!!  If you're local, I'm happy to hold it for you till you can come by...  -OR- make an appointment to Shop The Garage!!!  I'm also **Willing-To-Ship** smaller-sized items to those of you who live afar!!!  My EMAIL is on the sidebar...  LoVe to hear from YOU!*!*!       


  1. It is so beautiful. The reflection of the chandy is lovely. I bought a mirror whith cracks in the frame and Joe just didn't get it!
    Thanks bunches for your comment Sunday.


  2. Just gorgeous, Jeanine. It looks perfect in your bath. Love your white. I agree the loss of silver makes it just right.

  3. Love that old patina, people that want to replace it, just don't get it...oh the smiles that looked into those old mirrors...LUCKY GIRL!!!

  4. What a great find, and the perfect spot. It's so great when you find "the one"

  5. Great mirror! I need to spend some time sprucing up my place. I tend to put all my time into the shop and it's beginning to show at home - ughh! Maybe a great old mirror is the place to start?! Thanks for the inspiration!

  6. super score girl!! nice bathroom...

  7. You are right - the mirror is grand! I had to laugh...I found an urn and see you did a post about yours...OMG I love urns! Of course, I think every junker does.

    Love your bathroom looks to die for!


  8. Jeanine~
    Do you wear green? If so, I have a vintage, beaded green sweater that's too small for me. Given to me by a ballerina. Shall I send it along with a dozen dried pomegranites? Amy

  9. OMG i am so jealous! I would love that mirror!

  10. Sometimes things are just worth the wait! That mirror is imperfectly lovely!

    I stumbled upon your blog and I have been reading it all morning. I am your newest follower!


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