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Thursday, June 3, 2010

**Part Two** MoRe FLeA MaRKeT Pics!*!*! MAXWELL STREET- @ FIREMEN'S PARK, Cedarburg, Wisconsin

MORE on this~that~and the other, from this past Sunday's Flea Market in Cedarburg Wisconsin!*!*! 

Before ALL of my Shows/SaLes - I usually "go-through-house" & pull things off the walls, take things out of cupboards, & on occasion, grab a chandelier or two...  YES, this was one of my favorites that was hanging in my "garden loft" for many a year!!!  It was the most darling petite-sized chandelier ~ just glistening with prisms... 

This Table is "PeRfeCtLy ChiPPy!!! ~ Unfortunately it did not sell... 

The center table SOLD right away!!!   The LoVeLy Metal Garden Chairs will be FOR SALE @ the Northwind Show in just "8" Days - OMG!!!  Check my sidebar for details...

This dresser is "on-it's-way-to-Chicago"!!!  This darling Gal just LoVeD it ~ and so did I!*!*!    

Every Flea Market has it's "Wall of Weird"...

Janice is one of my "Top FaVoRiTe Sellers from Kane & Grayslake"...  These ladies ventured out to the country ~ setting up just one booth down from me!!!  Denise has a shop in Geneva, Illinois ~ Denise's Home Adornments and Vintage Finds...

These Ladies are "professional shoppers"!!!  Look at those AwEsoMe Tall Doors they snatched up!!!  It really helped sales having "2" SHaBBy Booths so close together!!!  and it was fun chit-chatting throughout the day...

OMG!*!*!  The girls couldn't pack another thing in at the end of the day!!!
Even the roof rack was utilized!!!  ~ YES, they made it back to Illinois safe and sound...


  1. Just found your blog and I LOVE it! ~Lili

  2. Jeanine, those ladies with the van got the goodies didn't they? How could you give up that chandelier? I know you will find another!


  3. "Wall of weird" - ha!

    See you NEXT WEEK at Northwind! :)


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