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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Elkhorn FLEA MARKET ~ This Sunday!*!*! - Wisconsin...

I sure am hoping "to shop  ELKHORN" - tomorrow, Sunday...  It's been me and my "Kleenex-Box" for the past few days... ~ WORST SUMMER COLD in HiStoRy!!!   I haven't been sick in a year...  I'd rate Elkhorn in "My TOP 5 FaVoRite ShoPPinG Markets"...  


  1. Hope you feel better soon Jeanine...it wouldn't be Elkhorn without a visit from you! (Love seeing what you are carrying when you come thru...you find the BEST stuff!)


  2. That nurse in me says drink water, rest and you are aware of the OTC meds I am sure. You must be in good shape for ELKORN. ~olive~

  3. Me Too...loving our Elkhorn...I’m coming in August!!!

  4. Feel better soon...you got some junkin' to do!! Take care of yourself! Julie


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