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Monday, August 12, 2013

SHaBBy SHoPPing Spree ~ Friday thru Sunday!*!*!

Is is possible to be ~ SHoPPed-Out?!?!?
Backroads of Wisconsin, Graylake Flea,
 Elkhorn Flea

I soooo enjoy BEING ON-THE-HUNT!*!*!
However, I have a very strict criteria...
Mostly being that my SHaBBies are ViNtaGe,
 and if they're not, they need to have acquired a
N*A*T*U*R*A*L*Y Aged PaTiNa, which
Yields a One-Of-A-Kind
ViNtaGe F*I*N*D...

Does this Dealer know how to pack or what!!!
Over-Flowing Truck & Trailer...

With Fall just around the corner,
my eye is drawn "some" darker colors with hints of rust...
LoVEd this cabinet ~ but the price point was too high...
It sold early-on, as I saw it going out the gate on my way to the van...

I LoVe Chandelier B*L*I*N*G 
Hanging OUTSIDE at the Flea...
and Kathy Most Certainly has it!*!*!

Cottage Decor
Shabby-Painted Seating with Floral Cushions...
With a cool over-cast day, and Fall clicking at our heels, I'm
not sure if this dealer sold these or not...  In California those
would have been gone in a heart-beat!!!

This "Deer Head" 
**Almost went home with me**

FaB Patina on the Metal Scoop/Dish...

Great Form... & AwEsoMe Look
"Over-Rules" what I call a **Fake SHaBBy**
My guess is that they probably SOLD Right Away...

Abounded this weekend
and they were ALL flying out the door!!!

 YES - I am Shopped-Out!!!!!!!!!!
AND ~ With this UpComing SaTUrDaY's
  ChiPPy!-SHaBBy! S*A*L*E - Aug. 17th
Here At Our Home in Historic Cedarburg, Wisconsin,
I better get on the stick and start
tackling my newly acquired ViNtaGe S*T*A*S*H 
of ChiPPy!-SHaBBy! F*I*N*D*S!!! 

Do Visit My "SideBar"
 for Saturday's SaLe DETAILS...

**With Summer Winding Down, I'll also be offering
A select number of Discounted Items!*!*!
Look for SHaBBies with a GREEN DOT... 


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