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Monday, August 19, 2013

Last SaTurDay's ChiPPy!-SHaBBy! S*A*L*E... Cedarburg, Wisconsin

Traditionally, the Month of August
"can be" on the slow-side
for selling at my HOME SaLe...
Getting Kids ready for BACK-TO-SCHOOL - especially college,
Squeezing-in last minute summer vacations ETC... 
However, ~To my Surprise,  SHaBBy-SHoPPing Abounded!!!
~ Especially in the late afternoon ~

With Incredibly GoRgeOuS Weather ~
I opted to Tent-Up Along the RoadSide!*!*!  

UpNorth Cabin Decor
with a "Hint-of-Fall"...

F*A*L*L BeRRieS 
Are going to be GoRgeOuS THIS YEAR!!!

Just LoVed this little time~worn 2-Drawer Cubby
and so did it's "new owner"...

~** Mark~Your~Calendar **~
Last Monthly Home SaLe
** Of The 2013 Season **

Saturday, September 21st
Historic Cedarburg, Wisconsin

Thank YOU SHaBBy SHoPPers
For your continued support!!!
It was great to meet so many new faces as well...



  1. Jeannie,
    Looks like you had some really good chippies!!!! Sorry I missed it. We were out of town. Hope you had a good turn out.

  2. Hi Jeanine, What a beautiful setting! Great job once again. By chance is the lake arrow sign still available? I love what I see of it! Jill Whitlock

  3. Helloooo Jill...
    YES, the AwEsoMe ViNtaGe LAKE SIGN is still available...
    Please send me your Personal Email and I'll send Pics & Details to YOU!!! My email is on this blog's sidebar...


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