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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

1st Day of S*P*R*I*N*G - Think ViNtaGe GARDEN!*!*!

Here in the Midwest we STILL have a good amount of "frozen snow" on the ground with temperatures in the teens - OMG!*!*!  Until I have my "first sighting" of an outdoor garden hose ~ I'll cherish my ViNtaGe Garden Collectibles even more ~ with faith & hope that Spring is indeed around the corner...

In Our GaRaGe!*!*!
Galvanized Plumbing Poles suspend Numerous Time~Worn ViNtaGe Watering Cans... AND the Top Self of a FaB Old Cupboard displays a part of my ViNtaGe Garden Collectibles...

MORE Watering Cans
Stacked on Shelving in-the-GaRaGe...
The majority of my ViNtaGe Watering Cans are just for display...  What draws me to these Old Watering Cans is their NATURAL "Time-Worn" PaTina, Form, & "Rose" Spray Head...

Very early Seed Packets with contents...
Jerome B. Rice Seed Co, Cambridge, NY

 Some of my FaVoRiTes
** All-In-Green **

 More on top of the cupboard...

 GaRaGe Ceiling!*!*!
Time-Worn ViNtaGe Watering Cans...
I started my Collection in the early *1980's* 
when I lived in Nevada of all places!*!*!
LAST YEAR ~ I  "weeded-out" a few of them from my collection, -they SOLD right away...

 Northwind Perennial Farm 2013
Antique Garden Show
Burlington, Wisconsin
 (Just Minutes from Lake Geneva)
June 21 & 22



  1. Jeanine
    I love to see all your chippy and fabulous watering can collection when you have your home shows. You have an awesome collection. I hope we see beautiful weather soon. So over winter!

  2. I love the seed packets! I have some vintage ones with seeds still inside. Blessings from Ringle, WI.

  3. All those vintage watering cans make me happy. Your hollyhock seeds reminded me that I saved some seeds last year from my hollyhocks to plant this year. I cut grass/weeds yesterday when it was warm and now it is cold again! xo, olive

  4. Jeanine, you must have the most stylish garage in the world! Love all the vintage garden goodies you have displayed in there!


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