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One Of a Kind FiNds!*!*!

Friday, March 22, 2013

Longing for the OUTDOOR FLEA MARKETS!*!*!

LAST YEAR at this time I had "PaNsiEs" potted on our front porch!*!*!  Mentally and physically I have just had it with these STILL Foot-Deep Mountains of FROZEN SNOW here in Wisconsin...  I sooooo want to/need to - get enthused about **SpringTime** SHaBBy Selling ~ ESPECIALLY OUTDOORS!!!   SOOOOO ~ to give myself the "nudge" I NEED, I've been going through memory lane with  Flea Market pics & ChiPPy!-SHaBBy! Shows/SaLes...  - It REALLY IS just around the corner!*!*!  

 "1st LoVe"
Being Up EARLY
S*H*O*P*P*I*N*G The FLEA!*!*! 

 "2nd LoVe"
** SeLL SHaBBies **
at an outdoor flea - with FaB Weather!*!*!

** 3rd LoVe **
All Tarped Over ~ The hard work is done...
**Awaiting the excitement of the NEXT DAY'S** 

** 4th LoVe **
Seeing my work area in the GaRaGe
Over-Flowing with Show-Stock SHaBBies!!!
~ Imagining Display Possibilities ~

 Behind the Scenes...
Renting a Truck FOR LARGER SHOWS...
Laying out my Selections...

 Sooooo Thankful when I SEE THIS!*!*!
Van Fully-Loaded
It actually takes me on the average, about 2-1/2 hours
to Pack-It-In...

 Just Love... Love... Love...
SaLes @ OUR Home 
Cedarburg ~ Wisconsin!!!
Held either on the RoadSide, Backyard, or GaRaGe...
First Sale of the 2013 Season
Saturday, April 27th
(details as the event date nears)
Shop-My-SHaBBies ~ Shop Historic Downtown Cedarburg, Wisconsin

AT least the SUN is out ToDAy!*!*!
OutDoor Flowers ~ Soon???? - Hope So!*!*!

Have a Great Weekend
I'm up to some F*U*N
 ChiPPy!-SHaBBy! SHoPPinG!!!



  1. Oh Jeanine, I am SO with you. I am O-V-E-R this cold weather! Thanks for the great photos to remind me that there is HOPE for some warm weather!


  2. Jeanine, it is like you are reading my thoughts. I scrounged in my garage last weekend for some treasures - an old teapot and and a plaid cooler, then I went to Milagers for a look see in their greenhouse and brought home a Gardenia and a lavender plant just so I could plant something. At least in smells heavenly inside until the snow starts to clear from my deck and yard. Looking forward to your sale in April...it can't come soon enough.


  3. I really think heaven looks like a great outdoor flea market, don't you?

  4. Well, you certainly got me in the mood. Hope it gets here soon!


  5. Evening Jeanine, I hear ya girl....we have more snow/rain and ice coming down as I type. I can deal with a little snow but give me some warmer weather...!! Just to let you know....A PREMIERE SHOW "OVER THE MOON" VINTAGE MARKET SHOW coming up Apr 5 and 6 in Lawrenceburg, IND. Great vintage items and prices! If taking a trip...swing by and see us! visit our FB page...have a wonderful week! Roxie

  6. So excited to see you will be at Na Da farm Spring sale in May! I am coming to visit my family and plan on coming to the show!
    Just so happens I will be there that week!!
    Happy Spring!
    I'll bring warm sunshine I promise!

  7. Well let's HOPE that by April 27 we will have temps higher than the 40's!! I loved looking at the pictures -- makes me LONG for the warmer days of flea market shopping!


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