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Monday, March 12, 2012

S*P*R*I*N*G was in-the-air @ GRAYSLAKE FLEA...

Here in the Midwest, "WEATHER" - is always a concern when selling at a Antique/Flea Event - even if it's mostly indoors...  This past weekend at the Flea - GRAYSLAKE, ILLINOIS, WE COULDN'T HAVE ASKED FOR BETTER WEATHER - **Just GoRgeOuS** - high 60's & Sunny!*!*!  Needless to say, this combo yielded a GREAT TURNOUT, & they were BUYING...  Lot's of ViNtaGE GARDEN was showcased in many a booth ~ including mine!!! 

 I really worked-it this past weekend,
not being able to load up the van till Friday Morning... 
  • Unloading at the Fairgrounds just hours later...
  • Setting up till 8 pm on Friday Night...
  • 2 days of SeLLiNg... 
  • Packing it up...
  • 6 Trips back & forth -OMG!*!*!

 From my personal collection...
   ~*~ ViNtaGE time-worn BIRDHOUSE ~*~ 
- SOLD -

 If you've ever been to one of my HOME SALES inside our GaRaGe, you've certainly seen my huge collection of some 300+++ ViNtaGe Watering Cans...  I've decided to start "CALLING-OUT" some of these ViNtaGE Beauties - Selling select ones at various SPRING/SUMMER GaRDeN Shows...

1st Home SaLe of the 2012 Season
Saturday, A*P*R*I*L  21st
details as it gets closer to the date
Historic Cedarburg, Wisconsin   

I recently picked up this Over-The-Top FaB time-worn rusty BirdCage
 at a Newly-Opened Shop here in Cedarburg
These ladies have a mix of Old & New - ALL FOR SALE!!!
Do visit them on FACEBOOK... 
They have a darling little "BiRdie Logo"...
Although the BirdCage did not sell,
EVERYONE WANTED IT!!! - INCLUDING ME!!!  I just LoVe how my SPRINGTIME Display turned out!*!*!  The vignette kept changing  - as I SOLD "smalls" from inside the cage.
I just may KEEP this FiNd - Especially AFTER seeing an inspirational pic on PINTEREST -collage of different size cages displayed on a porch wall!!! ~ Just FaB!*!*!  It looked sooooo Anthro!*!*!

 ViNtaGe Advertising Canvas Tote Bag...
** Weatherbird Shoes **
Hull, Illlinois - BeSt!*!*!

 With Spring just around the corner ~ 
I chose a *Strong-Pop-Of-Color* 
to give my booth a more lively feel... 

Tattered and worn - BUT FUNCTIONAL!!!
A hint of Jeanne d' Arc...

Sooooo for now...  
Time to UnLoad the SHABBBY Van - AGAIN!*!*!



  1. Oh my goodness...that all looks SO wonderful! Glad it was a success....time for a couple days of R&R I think......

  2. Wow it all looks so great! We so wish we could have been at this sale, but good to know that some of our treasures made it with you:) Thanks for mentioning us!
    kath at Distraction

  3. Love the color mixed in...so cheery! Glad it was worth the effort.
    Off to check out Distraction!


  4. Jeanine, I will be at distractions grand opening and it would be GREaT if your home sale was that weekend too, tell me it is so! Julie


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