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Monday, July 25, 2011

ShoPPing ChiPPy!-SHaBBy! ViNtaGe Finds "Under-The-Tent"...

This past Saturday MoRniNg, I started hauling my SHaBBieS out to the road around 4:15 a.m.  It was pretty Scary - lightening... thunder... light rain...   Doing this SOLO - seemed to be taking me FoReVer!!! ~ Rescue came at 6:30 when my neighbor, Sandy came over to help with the "final crunch"...  Aside from the high humidity, the weather pretty much stayed DRY for the rest of the day, here in Cedarburg, Wisconsin...

I had NO TIME for pictures Before I opened...  Luckily Sandy snapped this quick pick "just seconds" before I cut the string - at 7 a.m.

I always WORRY ~ "Will They Come"????
"Just MoBBed" at 7 a.m.
**ThAnK YOU** ChiPPy!-SHABBy! ShoPPerS!!!

These Ladies were sooooo much fun!!!  My darling "French Inspired" vintage chair & industrial basket went home with them...

After the initial rush ~ I was able to re-arrange the torn up vignettes & finally take some pics...  Almost all the recent vintage finds I've picked up - SOLD...  I wish I had pics of them...

This SHaBBy-Painted ViNtaGe Desk & Chair
 was the first to SELL...  It had such wonderful details...

Of course this Retro Bread Box Sold - GREAT ChiPPY Graphics...

I'm taking the month of August - Off from Shows...  
I'll be spending my time catching up with things around the house, & getting my ShaBBies Ready for the Fall Season...  


  1. How could they not show up with all the great things you had!

  2. Great stuff Jeanine! So glad you had some dry weather, and a mob. Beautiful displays, as usual.

  3. jeanine, if i was driving along and saw your set up along the road i would probably crash right into a tree! wow you really go the extra mile. fabulous!



  4. Yeah! Glad your sale was a success! You deserve a break!


  5. It's always so inspiring to check out your vignettes - thanks for sharing! I'm especially impressed to see your lamps are lit. Looking forward to what fall brings with chippy!-shabby!

  6. hey jeanine....i missed it again...moved my daughter out of her iowa apt..storms..."cargo challenged" vehicle..blah blah blah....i got to get to one of these sales sometime!! Are you meeting us at the North Shore Flea Wed nite? Blogger party 6-8pm. Do you want her email, 'cause she's promoting the bloggers who are attending.

  7. I love all your items. Your set-up looked great!

  8. Nice furniture. When ever it comes to my turn I go out to some exhibition for purchasing furniture. But also whenever I come across some stuffs that impress my mind I blindly go for that. These are stuffs just like that what I mentioned in the second line.


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