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Tuesday, July 5, 2011


All I can say is "IT WAS SOOOOOO COOKING HOT" ~ temperature wise that is ~ 94 degrees!!!  You never know what to expect on a HoLiDay Weekend...   Some of my favorite dealers did not set up...   Even though I lived in the desert for 18 years ~ I'm just not in the mood to "SHaBBy-Shop" when everythings sticking to me and the sweat is running down my back...  I didn't even hit all the booths...  HOWEVER, it was well worth the drive ~ netting one of the BeSt, PeRfeCtly Chippy, Crusty, Rusty - ViNtaGe Tole Chandeliers with "Orange Flowers"!*!*! - MY KEEPER...

 It was sooooo cooking hot that later in the day - water was poured on the main drive to control the dust in the parking lot!!!

 This Iowa dealer always has some GREAT STUFF!!!

 How inviting is this!*!*!
Judy & Anita... Iowa Junk Gypsies

 Even though Traci & Mark were inside a building ~ it was dripping hot in there - as well...

 This Mother and Daughter team will be in Door County, as well as myself - for this upcoming weekend's
(see sidebar for details...)

BeSt Find!*!*!
*~* ViNtaGe Tole CHanDeLieR *~*
Crusty... Rusty... Time-Worn PaTinA!!!
I just LoVe the "Orange Flowers"...
A keeper for now...


  1. Don't know about you but I can not wait to get to Door County this weekend...see ya soon!


  2. That chandelier is pretty awesome! Yes, it was hot, hot, hot, and humid. Glad I managed to hide behind my stuff. LOL I did NOT feel pretty that day. Wonderful to see you as usual.

  3. Love the chandelier! I found one similar several years ago that my daughter quickly sequestered -- And Is Not Using!! But I don't have a place for it either, so I guess it can stay at her house.

    I sure wish we had great markets like that around here. I know of nothing good we wouldn't have to drive 2-300 miles for.

    94 degrees? Pshaw. We'd think we were having a cool spell with only 94. LOL Nah. It'd still be hot. What's the difference between 94 and 101? We almost always have at least 80% humidity, though. My hair is one big frizz ball.

  4. We will be in Brim. next week and I'm sure it's gonna be hot there! Although it doesn't bother us to much cause it's always hot here in Ky! Will you be in Brim.? Hope to get to see you!

  5. Thanks for the shout out...and for your purchases! We will see you next month in August at Kane and ENJOY Door County...maybe on our calendar for next year...

  6. Totally enjoyed the publish in the first word till the end. Outstanding job very well performed there. Keep up the fantastic job!


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