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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

**ChiPPy!-SHaBBy!** BaRn ShoPPing!*!*!

A few weeks ago - with less than 24 hours notice, my friend Terry, in Illinois drives me CraZy - telling me that there are "7 Barn Sales" - ON-ONE-ROAD ~ just minutes from her home!!!  OMG!*!*!  ChiPPy!-SHaBBy! hit the road at 4 a.m. to get in on the "Good Stuff"...

 We were the FIRST ONES to pull up to the SaLe!*!*!  I was amazed how well organized/displayed/priced - EVERYTHING WAS!!!
  Speaking about pricing, more & more ~ especially at Flea Markets, I'm finding dealers who are not pricing items...  I feel they "size-you-up" - then toss out a number...  I've even gone back to booths within a short period of time - and have heard the dealer tossing out an even lower/higher number - ON THE SAME ITEM...
 I'd love to hear your FEEDBACK on this...

 Sharon ~ owner/host of this well organized sale...

 "Girlie Area"...

"Retro Kitchen"

 LoVed this cracked & crazed doll head!*!*!

BeSt Old ChiPPy Door with frosted glass motif!!!
** Tomorrow ~ SANDY'S BARN & AmaZiNg Grounds **


  1. I have known Sandy for years....her stuff is amazing on her property isn't it?? I'm sure that is where you are talking about - can't wait to see the picts!
    We had relatives from out of town so I couldn't make it :)

  2. Some of the vendors at our flea markets don't price the items either. Personally, I don't wear any jewelry or dress up too fancy for fear that they WILL eyeball me first before giving me a price.

    I wish we had Barn sales here in Florida.


  3. Morning Jeanine~
    I'll comment about the random pricing issue. I think some vendors certainly would size you up. Sylvia said she doesn't dress up or wear jewelry for just that reason. Good point. I had the exact experience at a local beauty parlor where I was charged more for the same process someone else had because, as the owner said, "I charge what I think people can afford." That hurt my feelings and I never went back to that salon even tho it was convenient and I had known the owner forever. I think it's almost like being ambushed when a vendor throws out a random price quote just because you happen to be a person who likes to dress nicely and look like you might have big bucks stashed in your purse. You asked! xoxo Amy

  4. I have to agree with you about pricing and being 'sized up' -- I've felt this occasionally at yard sales, barn sales, flea markets etc... I'll still ask for prices and usually I'm pleasantly surprised but once in a while I get that sized-up feeling. When that happens, I just move on and spend my money somewhere else. There's so much more junk out there! :-)

    Funny story: I was given a ridiculous price for something at a yard sale once and when I tried to negotiate, the seller said "I saw the nice car you drove up in and that's the price." What!? I left immediately. The nice car belonged to my friend who was driving -- I was the passenger. :-)

  5. Personally, if I go into a booth and there are no prices, 9 times out of 10 I will leave that booth. There is a local antique show here in LaPorte and one guy never prices any of his "guy stuff", old toys, gas station stuff, signs, etc. I think he should not be allowed to set up if nothing is priced.

  6. I am less likely to buy if it isn't priced. I don't want to ask I just want to know what you want for it

  7. I often walk on when things aren/t priced. drives me crazy...who has
    the time...we need to move fast..and then they are chatting away and not paying any attention. do i hate it????yes!

  8. Not pricing things is a huge pet peeve of mine. I try so hard to get everything priced...because I don't want to waste people's time if it is something that I can't afford when I am looking, for myself or for resale.

    I will say, though, that when people low-ball me on priced things and they are carrying a $300 purse and gobstopper diamonds, I usually don't budge more for them. Just sayin...I gotta make a living too.

  9. Love all your amazing pieces over here!
    That garden shed speaks to me Loudly! in a quiet soulful voice :)

    Keep inspiring all things recycled with soul!

  10. On the East Coast I'm seeing this No Pricing mindset even at yard sales....we were at one last weekend that started going south fast when people were asking "why" didn't you price anything? We were not the only ones to walk away...not sure this is such a good idea...

    Karena "A Loblolly Life"


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