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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

**ViNtaGe SELTZER BOTTLES** not tooooo SHaBBy!!!

Every so often I come across "ViNtaGe Seltzer Bottle Sightings" in magazines, and on some blogs...  My husband has a small "colorful collection" of them...  These bottles date around 1920 ~ 1950's...  I'll be bringing a "Clear Glass Seltzer Bottle" FOR SALE, to the Grayslake Show in January... It's inscription reads HIGHLAND  PARK, ILLINOIS!!!   Get there early for best shot at netting this FiNd!*!*!

Color... Condition... Rarity... Form...
All affect the price with bottles...

The sun was streaming in "just-right" when I snapped this picture yesterday...


  1. They are very nice - I love these bottles too - I have some of them in different colours an size - I love it to decorate with some little items. An old clock or silver jesus or so.
    Best regards from very cold germany
    send Jacqueline

  2. Very beautiful. My husband and I were able to acquire a dozen bottles in there original wooden crate on Vacation in Maryland.............we could not believe the enexpensive price.......to purchase them, it cost more to ship home then what we paid for them. We love them, they are in all different shades and the writtings on them are wonderful. Thanks for sharing your knowledge on them. HUGS MARY

  3. I have a clear one, but oh wow, these colors are amazing!!!

  4. Beautiful Bottle Photos - gorgeous!
    Wish I could join you at the Flea Market in February. One of these days we're going to road trip the USA - from Flea Market to Flea Market.
    My first time here -glad I found you -
    Happy New Year

  5. I Have a few bottles and always have wanted to add to the collection, very pricey though... So I cherish the two I have... Hope all is well with you, see you in the summer!

  6. Your hubby has a nice collection!

  7. Love the bottles love the Colors..

  8. Oh I adore your Husband's lovely collection of Seltzer Bottles... I have seen some for sale but have yet to attain one, I love how they catch the light and come in so many delightful colors.

    Happy New Year... Dawn... The Bohemian

  9. In too have a couple of clear ones with local illinois text.
    one is from the thrift shop ... FIVE DOLLA'

    have a great show!
    see you next time

  10. I would love to start a collection of these!! What a fabulous photo!!!

    Have a great day!

  11. very nice collection and oh so pretty colors! happy new year and blessings to you for a whole year of fabulous shows!



  12. Happy New Year Jeanine. Hope you are cozy & warm in the frigid north. I love your new heart border/background. xoxo Amy


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