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Saturday, December 18, 2010

**FARM GIRL Art & Antiques** Milwaukee, WI

Yesterday Jeff & I spent the day "Antique Hunting" in downtown Milwaukee...  We started off having breakfast at "Honey Pies" in the Bayview area...  I do soooooo love their breakfast potatoes!!!  My friend Lisa Goldner just opened a New Antique Store around 5th and National... FARM GIRL ART & ANTIQUES, @ 803 South 5th Street, Milwaukee, Wisconsin...   The OLD BUILDING HAS SUCH GREAT BONES ABOUT IT!*!*!  It could have easily housed an Anthropologie Store... 

Lisa's Store has such great window exposure!!!  The Space is just Huge!!!  The window display area wraps along 2 long sides of the old building...  While inside, you can actually "walk inside the window area to shop"...

Here's a wide angled view from the upper staircase... Do double click on this pic to see the amazing chippy tin ceiling and architectural columns with ornate tops!!! For just moving in a couple weeks ago,~ Farm Girl was well stocked, with quite a few dealers renting a spot...  There was a mix of real antiques... industrial... retro... vintage garden... & creative artist crafts... 

Here's Lisa Goldner, the owner...  
Is that a FAB INDUSTRIAL CABINET OR WHAT!*!*!  Lisa netted this find from the "Jockey" Company ~ they were going to toss it out!!!  Her large space shows off great pieces like this very well...

I loved this "perfectly chippy box" that was perched on the check-out counter...  YES, it was for sale ~ and I would have snatched it up if only it were W H I T E...

I'm already on the look-out for a few valentine related items for my 2 upcoming shows in January and February (see side bar...)  I netted this sweet vintage glass adorned with birds & garlands at Farm Girl...

 Now that I've displayed this on one of my shelves ~  I'm having second thoughts about parting with it!*!*!  Maybe this lovely beauty will be for sale at Grayslake in January???   I could just see it resting on the bathroom sink filled with flowers/vintage millinery -OR- perhaps filled with pink heart candies???
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Best of Luck to Lisa
Open Thursday - Saturday


  1. Jeanine, what a dream come true to have a shop like this and the huge display windows are just the icing on the cake. I hope she uses them to her advantage. Sometimes it's the windows that have drawn me into a shop. Merry Christmas, T

  2. Wow, can’t wait to visit that shop on my next trip to Milwaukee. Any chance of you getting a space in their. possibly another way to expand your business. I’m in a mall and love it. They take care of everything, I just get a check at the end of the month...I do hope she has great success.

  3. That store is to.die.for! I'm jealous - I want to go there!! ;-) Best success to your friend, I think she'll do fabulous!

  4. (stomping my feet and screaming) ... I wanna shop there!

  5. WHOA!!! I had no idea that was there.
    That's a must-go-check-it-out-SOON!


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