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Sunday, June 6, 2010

**28 Hour VaCaTiOn** ~ DOOR COUNTY, WISCONSIN!*!*!

My husband, Jeff REALLY needed a get-away from ALL The Crazies in the last month with "2 of my SaLes" - back to back!*!*!  All we could squeeze in was "28 Hours" of a get-away to Our FaVoRite place - DOOR COUNTY, WISCONSIN, located on a peninsula ~ about 2-1/2 hours North of us!!!  - As you'll see from the pics, IT WAS WELL WORTH IT!*!*!  I didn't realize how much I needed to "take a break of sort" from my "Shabbies"!!!  PART ONE-OF-TWO...  (click to enlarge pics for better detail)

 It stays light in Door County till about 9:30 - 10:00 in the summer months...  We got to our cozy lodging facility just before dark (I had to work all day Friday)...  We LoVe Lodging here!!!  The room looked sooooo inviting when we pulled up!!!

We woke up to this view ~ the Bay in Ephraim, Wisconsin...  A bit over-cast & slightly foggy - but warm...

We needed to venture out EARLY - for a GREAT CUP OF COFFEE!!!  This was one of the sites we saw enroute on foot to LeRoy's Coffee House...

We encountered a TURTLE laying eggs in the sand...

LeRoy's has the BeST Coffee on the Peninsula!*!*!

Sooooooo CoZy!!!

LeRoy's is carrying a New Brand of Coffee since the last time we were up there...  I LOVED IT'S TASTE!!!

Here I am outside this quaint UpNorth Coffee House...

Jeff snapped this pic of the bird as we walked back to The Lodgings on Pioneer Lane...

The White Gull Inn, in Fish Creek, has THE BEST BREAKFAST ON THE PENINSULA!*!*!  Always consistent...

BeSt Cherry Pancakes on the planet!*!*!

One of my favorite stores to shop in ~ Fred & Co., Fish Creek Wisconsin...

I almost always find something in this darling gem of a store!!!  If I'm lucky enough, Terry, the owner, once in a blue moon, will bring her "Himalayan Cat" - Everest, up to the shop for "pet 'n purrrrrr"...

We turned down a road we had never been....  What a view!!!!!  We probably would have seen the lake had it not been for the fog that day...

We wandered down a "dead-end" road and were pleasantly surprised to see this Iron Crow & Signage...
Check back in the next few days ~ Antique Stops & a Favorite Store in Sister Bay *** Viva la Cottage ***


  1. What a stupendous place to get off to for a spell. You two needed it. That is a really good picture of you in front of tha store. Leroy's looks fun and I never turn down coffee. I continue to roast here in the South but love it with my Joe.

  2. I love Door County...It’s been awhile for me. I used to go to auctions up there...phew wee...awesome...Have a great time..

  3. I can't believe I missed you. John and I went for a drive and forgot to tell Carol to call his cell. We'll catch up soon... and you are correct that Leroy's has great coffee. Base Camp in Sister Bay is right up there as well, but Leroy's has all the Ephraim charm.

  4. Glad you could get away; it looks like you packed a lot into a short time!
    See you at Northwind.


  5. Wisconsin has that wonderful country charm. Thank you for sharing these photos. It looks like the perfect place to get away from the stresses of the city.


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