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Sunday, January 31, 2016

Valentines & Hearts...

It's Almost February!!!
Time to Bring-Out-The
~ R*E*D ~
Here in the Midwest, come October, I ALWAYS look for these *Seasonal RoseHip Berries* at the Flea Market... I have come to find that Dealer-Friends -  Sue & JoAnn, have THE BEST!!!  Their color stays "nice n' red"...   They look FaBuLous in my Thanksgiving Vignette, then Christmas, and NOW ~ Freshening February's Valentine Display!*!*!  Sometimes they are hard to recognize in the Fall ~ surrounded by many  green leaves waiting to dry, and then be removed...

 "Preserved Pepperberry Heart Wreath"
I've had this beauty ForEver!*!*!

~ BeSt ~

JuSt S*I*M*P*L*E
ChiPPy-White Urn...White Barn Vent...Hanging Corbel...
February Seasonal Entry Vignette, at-our-home...

 Have a good rest of your weekend!!!

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  1. Lots of love filled hearts your beautiful way.
    It's been awhile since my last visits, but when I do it reminds me on all the creativity there is to behold here.

    See you soon,
    A beautiful February to you.



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