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Friday, January 22, 2016

Etsy Versus Ebay...


As far as buying ViNtaGe Items ON-LINE,
which site do you perfer to use???
Etsy ~Or~ Ebay
I'd LoVe to hear what you
 have to say... 


  1. I see lots of new being sold for old, and reproductions on Ebay. Not so much on Etsy, perhaps they are stricter.

  2. I like etsy the best because seems like it's bloggers selling things and you can trust them.
    ebay seems to be a scam a lot of the time ,even though ebay will make sure you get a refund if not satisfied, etsy will also

    I prefer etsy and buy and sell on etsy

  3. I like Etsy because you can purchase and not have to keep an eye on auctions. Too stressful,lol. Plus I am an Etsy member and it has always been great dealing with buyers and sellers, more like family than Ebay. I do see a lot of vintage on Etsy too.

  4. Etsy is my choice as well, the auction style of Ebay drives me a bit crazy.

  5. I definitely prefer Etsy for all of the above reasons.

  6. I like both as a buyer and seller. What I like about ebay is that bidding drives up the price. Sometimes, I don't know what I have or how much to price it, so in that case it is nice. When I know or make my own items etsy is best.

  7. Etsy for the reasons above. I find it easier to follow the bloggers on Etsy and see their wares than on eBay. Additionally I have a tendency to bid late and forget to do so. I prefer BIN there.


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