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Sunday, December 22, 2013

SHaBBies of Christmas Past!*!*!

Every once in a while, I find myself regretting a few SHaBBies I Have S*O*L*D...  Here are a few
  ** ViNtaGe  HoLiDay ADorNmeNts **
 that are LONG GONE!*!*!

For many a year ~ BAMBI would 
Greet Our HoLIDay Guests,
adorned with her traditional Boxwood Wreath...
She found a very, very, good home just a few years back
 - in the next town over...
  I still miss her...  

Just LoVeD this PeRfeCtLy CHiPPy-WHiTe
Wooden Planter Box with Trellis...
SOLD -Germantown HoLiDay Show 2009...

Antique Wood Cart ~ Old Red Paint
 -  Winter HoLiDay Garden Show
 here in Cedarburg, Wisconsin... 

Old Plaid Monarch Suitcase from New York
**This piece was just a Killer!!!
SOLD on Ebay in 2010...
What was I thinking???????????????????

Christmas is almost here!*!*!
 S*N*O*W*E*D - I*N
this Morning and It's STILL Coming Down!*!*!



  1. You must have a great memory or a killer record keeping system.
    I am betting both. Stay warm and dry!
    Merry Christmas.

  2. Doesn't it make you sick when you sell something and realize later how priceless it was! Love the suitcase. Could do so much with it, especially at Christmas! Have a Merry One.

  3. Oh yes, I've had my regrets too. Merry Christmas, Jeanine.

  4. I often have seller's remorse when I think about some of the items I have parted with...then I think of how thrilled the person was that was "adopting" that item. "Oh well" I say.......and "Merry Christmas" too! Kari


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