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Thursday, December 19, 2013

Greet Your Guests with HoLIDay I*C*E LANTERNS!*!*!

HoLIDay preparations are well under way at our home...  
Just about now ~ the fun begins for me!!!  I love wrapping gifts, baking cookies, & adding "fussy little extra touches" FOR-OUR-GUESTS to enjoy...  WITH  VERY C*O*L*D TEMPERATURES here in Wisconsin, this Winter,
 - I most certainly am going to advantage of it ~ making my

 HoLiDay Guests will be greeted
ALL A-GLOW!*!*! 

 Sooooo EASY to make!*!*!
*Temperature needs to be
 30 degrees or lower...

FILL a 5 GALLON PLASTIC BUCKET with water, just a few inches from the top...

ADD ADORNMENTS IN THE WATER: pine tree sprigs, pine cones, cranberries, sticks with glitter, etc.

FREEZE OUTSIDE/ADJUST ADORNMENTS: - Keep a watch on it after about 6-8 hours... When the water becomes a "Frozen-Slushy Consistency" - ADJUST  berries, branches, twigs - by moving them to the outer edges using a utensil of sort...  If the water is SLUSHY enough - they will stay there...

NEXT DAY(approx. 12-18 hrs. later)...  - The top will appear frozen, but with a mass of water such as this - a 5-gallon bucket should not have yet frozen DOWN IN THE CENTER...  Bring the buckets into the GaRaGe...  After an hour or two, POKE THE CENTER with something sharp to see if an inch or so down - it's liquid...  If so, you're now ready to turn the lanterns OUT-OF-THE BUCKET...   STAND BACK SLIGHTLY, as A GUSH OF WATER will come out as they slide OUT-OF-THE-BUCKET... 

The Now HOLLOW CENTER - Allows the insertion of a Glass Jar filled with a candle... The Candle light is SAFELY protected from the wind by the glass and ice surround...  Display along your walkway... On the Front Porch... 

 ***Remember, everything depends on TEMPERATURE... 
 The process may happen more/less quickly depending on this...
***I start mine around Noon - Check them before dinner, & put them in the garage first thing in the morning when it's about 30 degrees...


Spreading HoliDay Cheer



  1. Everything you post look's magical. You my dear have the touch!!!

  2. Those are So Beautiful!! I'm going to try something like that! Thanks for the instructions.

  3. Oh you clever Chippy gal! I have never seen those cool ice lanterns--LOVE them! It gets below 30 here but then warms up too quick. Hope your Christmas holidays are very special!


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