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Monday, July 29, 2013

Working Our Way to IOWA...

Early Friday Morning Frog Husband and I found ourselves - *BACK-ON-THE-ROAD* working our way toward Iowa...  We took our time.... Stopped... Shopped... & Ate in many a small town, taking-in the sights ~ enjoying S*U*M*M*E*R...

 FIRST STOP (after Starbucks
Unfortunately we were way toooo early for any Antique Shops to
 be open, but enjoyed the Window Eye-Candy!!!
  I'm almost certain I would have snagged a couple shabbies in this town...

 Many of these small towns
 have quaint old buildings...
I LoVe the "blink-of-the-eye" tour, which usually
 extends only a couple of blocks...

 Surprise... Surprise... Surprise...
I discovered the "workshop" of
Dealer Friends, Erica & Lenni of 
**Apron Strings Mom & Me**
This Mother & Daughter Team Sell FaB SHaBBies & Have
Inviting Displays in their Booth AT The ELKHORN FLEA, 
located in one of the animal buildings...

 Rockton, IL

 Some towns later,  I spotted this open
 gated area next to an Antique Shop...
JuSt AwEsoMe SHaBBies amongst a Pile of Junk!!!
I vamped-over those PeRfeCtLy ChiPPy Fluted Metal Shutters!!!
Along with the Small ViNtaGe White Iron Bench...
Upon inquiring inside the Antique Shop
***  N-F-S  ***

 We FINALLY arrived in Galena, IL
It's been quite a few years since we've been there...
  The Architecture is just Amazing!!!  I could have snapped
 a zillion pics of interesting doorways... trim... ~ but chose to enjoy
 the moment instead...  In my opinion, the town has had
 a real come back...  Many new shops, restaurants -  and it was BUSY!!!
  The cool sunny day made it so pleasant to wander up and down
 the picturesque hilly main street...

 Is This ChiPPy!-SHaBBy! or what!*!*!
Just Darling Boutique located on Galena's Main Street
** Ethyl's, a place for chicks **
Definitely had the vibe of a little Anthropologie!*!*!
I snapped this pic of their Dressing Room Doors!!!

I'm sure you've heard the saying
**Saved The BeSt For Last**
Do Check Back about Mid-Week
to **SEE** what's Down This Road!!!
OMG!*!*! +++



  1. Oh you are such a tease :) - making us wait a few days for the rest of the story!
    I hate it when I travel and shops aren't open yet. I think every store should open by 8:00 during the summer, (and stay open til 9;00!)

    All right, will check back in a few days.

  2. LOVE your travel stories and pics!!! Too bad about the NFS good stuff......anxiously waiting for more! Blessings~~~Roxie

  3. You're headed to Sisters Garden & Bloom?!? I just know you'll find some great chippy treasures! Too bad my space is depleted of inventory. Can't wait to see what you find!

  4. Wow, what a fun shop. Great images.


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