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Sooooo Much More Interesting Than Brand New!*!*!

Monday, June 3, 2013

Natural Time~Worn P*A*T*I*N*A Getting Harder& Harder to find!*!*!

I've been On-The-Hunt...
Looking for naturally time~worn *SHaBBy Items* which are  •Chipped •Salvaged •Tattered •Worn •Rusty •Crusty  and mostly in Old-White-Paint...  Let me tell you, IT'S DEFINITELY GETTING HARDER... and HARDER... To F*I*N*D this year!*!*!

Time~Worn ViNtaGe

 The Wheelbarrow may not be that old, but the wood
 has taken on a natural time-worn weathered look,
adding to it's character...

The BiRd is also not very old - but again,
it's taken on it's own unique time-worn 
RuSty P*A*T*I*N*A in all the right places...

~** ViNtaGe **~
Soooooo Much More Interesting than Brand New!*!*!

Just LoVe this Re-Purposed Planter...
A *KEEPER* - for now...

I've added ANOTHER Selling Venue!*!*!
I will be setting up at GRAYSLAKE FLEA
This UpComing SaTurDay
JUNE 8th  ~ Only...
Lake County Fairgrounds
Grayslake, Illinois
Currently the weather forecast is 
Partly Sunny, DRY, little wind, low 70's - just PeRfeCt!*!*!
Visit My SideBar for MORE Details
 on this 2-day show...


  1. Hi Jeanine,
    Hope to see you at Grayslake this coming week end. I do hope our crazy weather takes a turn for the better this week too. See you soon.

  2. The repurposed planter is super cute. Thanks for paying me a visit-I love it when you stop by,. Olive

  3. There's been a drought of natural vintage shabby here in NC, too. Been a few weeks since I've found anything. Good luck hunting!

  4. Evening Jeanine, I'd be a keeper on that galvanized circle piece too! SOOOO SWEET! LOVE it! Happy and BLESSED JUNKING! Roxie

  5. I,m coming to wisconsin from the 7th to the 22... Pretty booked up this time cause i am going to the steelbridge festival in door cointry..won't be able to say howdy to you but may come again in september... Hugs,cynthia

  6. Very cute! Re-purposed industrial items are my favorite. I'm still convinced I'll come up with a good use for that old washing machine tub I have in the back yard. water damage Monticello IN


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