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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

I've been drawn to the **SeaSide** Look THIS SUMMER...

With Elkhorn Flea clicking at my heels ~ This UpComing Sunday, June 30th - to be exact, - I'm back ON-THE-HUNT for some fresh "fill-in" show stock...  THIS SUMMER I'm finding myself being drawn to a "SeaSide" Look...
  I came across ~ and purchased this Over-The-Top-FaB ViNtaGe Drinking Glass Caddy, - still retaining it's Original "SailBoat Motif" Drinking Glasses as well ~ OMG!*!*!

 I've NEVER seen a carrier like this, 
let alone the original sailboat drinking glasses...
Sorry ~ it's a keeper FOR NOW!*!*!

Just FaB Sailboat-Water Motif!*!*!

THIS UpComing S*U*N*D*A*Y
JUNE 30th
ChiPPy!-SHaBBy! Booth Location
Using the "Grandstand & Cream-Puff Food Booth"
to get a sense of where I'll be located,
 I'm in the same row as always ~ 
except further away from the Grandstand this time...

Hope to **SEE YOU** SUNDAY!!!
It's Happening Rain -OR- Shine!*!*!
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  1. Love the sailboat glasses! I am also liking the seashore look this year. Especially anything with shells.

  2. Oh I wanna go to that flea market
    wish there was one around here this weekend

    guess I could have one in my front yard LOL


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