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Friday, May 3, 2013

Time-Worn ViNtaGe Garden Appeal*!*!*

MISSING-OUT is Driving Me CrAzY!!!  I'm struggling so...  There are Sooooo Many opportunities for SHABBY-SHOPPING starting Today thru the Weekend - and I just can't be at ALL-OF-THEM...  The reality is ~ it's 30-Some Degrees... Raining... & the GaRaGe is STILL Needing Major Organization from last weekend's SaLe...  STAY HOME is the winning vote FOR ToDay!*!*!  

 I threw together this little ViNtaGe Garden Vignette before I head out to the GaRaGe in my Winter Coat & Warm Boots...  

 I never really put up a seasonal display in our entry since - Easter... I wanted to do something with a ViNtaGe Garden Theme especially since we're having the worst start for Spring - EVER!!!  I'm off to a good start...  I think a Large Seed Cabinet might just be the perfect anchor for this little vignette... AND I have quite a few to choose from in my collection...

Have A Great Weekend...
At Least I will be heading to SHaBBy SHop The F*L*E*A...



  1. Your weather is kinda crazy and we are having cold rain. Love your terra-cotta vignette.

  2. we have snow, and so over it! love anything you do, but "garden" is always my fave!

  3. Oh knowing you from your writing, you will sneak in one yard sale LOL

    good luck on straightening up the garage in your winter coat, it's 35 degree in Columbia Mo today , raining of course , windy, cold

  4. Jeanene . . .If We could We'd send You some of this Gorgeous Texas Weather . . . 80 & Sunny !!
    C'mon Spring , You Can Do It !!!

    BIG HUGS ,

  5. P.S.
    So Sorry for the misspell !

  6. I LOVE VINTAGE GARDEN!! That catalog/book grabs me! Junkers at "heart" in any weather!!! Blessings~~~Roxie


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