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Monday, May 20, 2013

BACK From NaDa Farm SaLe Event, This PAST Friday... & Saturday...

EVERYONE went all~out with displays this past weekend at Na-Da Farm Sale in Esmond, Illinois... It was a festive event that drew a Huge Crowd!!!  Anne Marie's Bakery Display was my favorite!!!  Unfortunately for me, my Sales were nothing like 2 years ago...  More recently painted furniture & handmade artist creations seemed to be the popular sellers this time around... 

  With S*P*R*I*N*G arriving so late this year, I decided 
to go with a ViNtaGe Garden theme... 

 The pair of Architectural Corbels 
with "rare tassel" adornment, were some of my first items to SELL...

 This little vignette area in my booth was so
Jeanne d' Arc Style!*!*!

 Hard to Part with
ViNtaGe Garden Hose Reel & Time-Worn Gate...

 Just FaB Industrial metal prop on wheels...

 I LoVed this fussy little rusty can adorned
 with handkerchief & plant...

•ViNtaGe Wicker Cart with Wheels...
•ChiPPy ViNtaGe Enamel Pail with wood bail handle...

 This was one of the most 
GoRgeOus Vintage Tole Tables
I've ever had...  
Still retaining it's Original Made-In-Italy Tag

FaB Smaller-Size!*!*!
~ Child's Time-Worn Bicycle ~
PeRfeCt to display at the peak of garden shed, hooked on fence,  or 
standing alone in the garden...
Complete with Old Metal Basket!*!*!

This was the side of the Pole Building I was in...  

Such InViting Displays...
For MORE pics of this event, do visit
Martha's Blog of Open Door Studio...


With the Na-Da Farm Event now behind me,
  I'm currently gearing up for my next 
 ChiPPy!-SHaBBy! SaLe @ Our Home
Historic Cedarburg, Wisconsin

MAY 25th
We'll Open Promptly @ 8am
closing around 2pm

Weather Forecast is FaBuLouS
I'll be "Tented Up On-The-RoadSide"

Hope to See YOU there!*!*!
(Visit my SideBar for Details...)



  1. As always, your booth was amazing!!
    Good luck this weekend!!!

  2. I find people don't want the lead base you find in old paint. That's why I buy only unpainted furniture and do my shabby chic style to it. Very safe & sells like crazy***

  3. Hellooo Back - hikchik...
    Brushing On a Clear Matte URETHANE SEALER easily preserves/seals a Natural ChiPPy Paint PaTinA - for those who might have concerns about older paint "possibly" containing lead...

  4. Beauuuutiful pics of your booth Jeanine! It was even more fab in person! Fun being your neighbor at Nada! See you at Kane?

  5. The corbels and child's bike really are quite wonderful. I have a bike here but am looking for a vintage basket.

  6. I love the look of your booth. So sorry I couldn't get there.

  7. Hey, Jeanine. I don't know how far you go searching for treasures but I have a friend who is having a sale Friday, May 24. She has been hard core collecting for twelve years and is getting divorced and selling everything! So much of what she has reminds me of your blog so I thought I would mention it to you. 7197 Brenemen Rd Pardeeville, WI

  8. What a fab looking booth, once again, Jeanine! It was nice to see you at Elkhorn on Sunday; it's been awhile. :)


  9. Hi Jeanine! It was fun being neighbors with you, your booth looked amazing!! hope you had a great sale!

  10. Jeanine, It was so good to see you! YOur booth was amazing as always. We learned so much and can't wait to do it again in the fall.


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