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Friday, December 28, 2012

Tick~Tock... **2013** is just around the corner!*!*!

Looking Back... Looking Forward... 
 ~ ViNtaGe CLoCks ~
~* Work -or- Not, they add a fun Whimsical Touch to the Mix*~

~ Time-Worn PaTiNa ~

It's TIME for a bit of "LOOKING-BACK"
as we end the 2012 Calendar Year...
-- AND -- 
It's also a time to Imagine
 "What will 2013 Bring"???

As for Home Decor,
Sooooo Much to Think About!*!*!
 I want to give my customers
"Fresh Ideas"
and keep my "Creativity Flowing"...   

•What will be the "Trendy Look"???
•Will W*H*I*T*E Still be Popular???
•What will be a "New Twist" on things???
•Will people still "Vamp-Over" a ChiPPy-Paint Patina???
•Is the INDUSTRIAL LOOK still strong???

 Magazines/Pinterest Definitely have a strong
 influence on these changes...
Can't wait to SEE How 2013 UnFolds...



  1. Me too. Don't you wish you knew what was going to be "hot" before it was so you would have time to "hoard" up some good stuff...at least that is me...Blessings from Ringle, WI.

  2. Hi Jeanine! Yes, I can't wait to see what will be popular for 2013!! I've read different styles from simple line to more traditional style like Americana with a new twist? We will see.....looking to you for inspirations! LOVE the white too much and old paint! Blessings and Happy New Year 2013! Roxie

  3. Love your Vintage Clock Vignette! I have a 'Thing' for Old Timepieces whether functional or not. In my Teens I spent a few years working for an Amazing Austrian Watchmaker that had worked for the Smithsonian and he gave me such an appreciation for Old Timepieces that it has carried on all these years later.

    Happy New Year from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

  4. Hi Jeanine, just left a comment on a June post. Thought I would hop to your most recent. I too love vintage clocks! I have a couple that don't work, but who cares. Just so darn fun to look at. I am excited for '2013'. Always fun to see what's new. While visiting a nusery that also sells decor recently the sales clerk mentioned that the 'farmstyle' is all the rage. It made me smile. Planning on doing my basement kitchen area in the farmstyle. I think it's all of the wonderful farm blogs in blogland that has helped it's popularity to grow.

  5. hey jeanine! wishing you a happy, healthy, & creatively chippy new year!
    our best, c &j

  6. So much to ponder....
    Happiest of new years to you Jeanine!

  7. Sorry that I haven't stopped by in awhile. Busy with Christmas visiting and spending time with my children and grandbaby. I've enjoyed going back and looking at all your beautifully wrapped packages and Christmas ideas. You are so talented. I look forward to seeing more in the new Year.

  8. Hello, Just found you. Would LOVE to go to one of your shows. My sister lives in Wisconsin in Columbus. A great little Antiquing town. Maybe next summer I will see you when I go for a road trip visit...Chrisy


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